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Alliance Center for Leadership and Public Policy

Alliance Center for Leadership and Public Policy, is an initiative launched by Alliance University to create and support an environment of rigorous, systematic and scientific research; implement cutting-edge professional development programs; develop leadership competencies; improve leadership practice and enhance community robustness through law, justice and human rights. 

The center shall:

  • Undertake research on contemporary issues of social development, global justice, economic studies, law and justice reforms and futurist studies
  • Create innovative leadership, communication and organizational development intervention programs for students and corporates
  • Strengthen student knowledge and capacities by honing their leadership abilities through organized workshops, seminars and lectures
  • Share knowledge gained through research and advocacy for the benefit of the society
  • Synergize public policy with law, justice and human rights


Alliance Center for Media Studies and Research 

Alliance Center for Media Studies and Research, is an initiative launched by Alliance University to impart quality education and offer certificate programs in the area of media production and journalism. The genesis of the Centre is driven by the fact that media in contemporary society has become the ubiquitous phenomenon that not only provides entertainment and information but also touches every facet of our daily life through social media and other user interfaces of varied types.  

The center shall: 

  • Run courses and certificate programs in media production and journalism 
  • Provide skill-based training programs 
  • Carry out research that addresses contemporary issues of relevance encompassing media and its role in the fields of business, law, and technology 
  • Develop media labs equipped with media production facilities and other cutting-edge technologies for carrying out training and research activities 


Dr. Subrata Dey, Professor, Alliance School of Business


Alliance Center for Living Consciousness

Alliance Center for Living Consciousness is an interdisciplinary initiative by Alliance University to formulate a concrete view of consciousness that takes into account the subjective view offered by ancient Indian approaches as well as the objective view offered by modern scientific techniques.

The Center shall: 

  • Incorporate texts that range from the Upanishadic philosophical sutras on the pervasiveness of consciousness to the Buddhistic meditative texts on the emptiness of phenomena, as well as the modern literature on philosophy of mind
  • Establish a study of meditation including systems of meditation, experiences in meditation, meditation in world cultures, and the literary heritage of meditation, especially Sanskritic
  • Evaluate and examine the approach outlined by neuroscientists and information theorists, particularly in the field of computational neuroscience.
  • Apply the modern physics disciplines of quantum mechanics and general relativity towards understanding consciousness
  • Strive to be relevant to the medical community as well as the engineering community via applications of the developed science including neuromorphic systems, neuromedical software and neuro-engineering


Dr. Aman Chawla, Associate Professor, Alliance College of Engineering & Design