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Our Mission

The Alliance Moot Court Society aims to encourage and inculcate advocacy skills in law students. The mission is to provide opportunities for law students to hone their written and oral advocacy skills and prepare them to succeed in their professional careers.


  • To Organize Intra-Moot Court Competitions and prepare the students to face external moot court competitions. Teams are to be selected based on their performance in the Intra-moot Court Competitions and the experienced mooters and faculty advisors would guide them in their respective national and international moot court competitions.
  • To Organize demonstrations and workshops of mooting related activities for the 1st and 2nd year students to introduce them to the intricacies of mooting and encourage participation.
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Our Work

Moot Court

A moot court is a replica of real court proceedings. The purpose of moot court competitions is to make students aware of the court proceedings related to disputes between parties. AMCC aims to conduct one Intra and on Inter University Moot Court Competition every year in order to overall legal development of students. Moot courts have two teams- Defendants and Respondents. The mooting presents a hypothetical case and both teams are required to research it and represent their arguments. It is used as tool of persuasive advocacy to train the future generation of lawyers.

Trial Advocacy

Trial Advocacy is a competition to cultivate, enhance, appreciate, honor and reward the trial legal skills amongst law students. It is to simulate real trial court's scenarios, imparting training to participants in legal practices and to promote competitive spirit to ensure the development of advocacy finesse. It involves the whole trial process unlike Moot. Students in Trial Advocacy represent a party, prepare a case for trial and try the case before judges, who are usually law professors, and even from judiciary.


In competitive debates, teams compete against each other and are judged the winner by a list of criteria that is usually based around the concepts of "content, style, and strategy". It involves formal disclosure on a particular topic on both pro and con sides.

Client Counselling

The Client Counseling competition addresses fundamental skills necessary for all successful attorneys, namely the ability to interview, counsel, and support a client through their legal issue. Competitors conduct an initial interview with a person playing the role of the client and then address both the client’s legal and non-legal needs. Students are called on to explain various aspects of the attorney-client relationship, build rapport, determine client goals, and consider applicable law and options that may be available to the client.

Judgment Writing

The judgement writing competition involves a comprehensive approach towards law in terms of theory and implication of law. The legal arguments on facts and situations with legal precedents and reasoning pave way for judgement writing.

Parliamentary Debate

Parliamentary debates are a great platform for law students to ingrain confidence and finesse in expression. In Parliamentary Debate competition there are two teams comprising three members each, one team speaking in favor of the motion, known as ‘the Government’ and the other team speaks averse, known as ‘the Opposition’. The speakers from the government side are Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Government Whip. Similarly, the speakers from the Opposition side are Leader of Opposition, Deputy Leader of Opposition and the Opposition Whip.


Past Events

  • Intra-ASOL Moot Court Competition (28th -29th April 2022)
  • Intra University Debate (10th-11th March 2022)
  • Intra University Debate, 2021
  • Intra- Moot Court Competition,2021
  • Justice N. Santosh Hegde National Moot Court Competition, (29th -30th October 2021)

Plans for AY 2022-2023

  • National Moot Court Competition
  • Client Counselling
  • Intra University Parliamentary Debate


  1. The team comprising of Sakshi Nathini and Pratiksha Gautam emerged as winners of the Negotiation Competition conducted by MIT World Peace University Pune from 25th to 26th Feb 2022.
  2. The team comprising of Kiran Patel, Indra Priyadarsihini and Vishnupriya Prabhakar emerged as 1st runner up at Lex Bonanza National Moot Court Competition 2020 organized by Indore Institute of Law.
  3. The team comprising of Gayatri Prasad Birabara, Burra Bhavya Sri Gouda and Arindam Shit, all 3rd year law students emerged as finalists in 12th KR Ramamani National Taxation Moot Court Competition organized by School of Excellence in Law, The Tamilnadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University.
  4. The team comprising of Kiran Patel and Sejalsri Mukkavilli emerged as 2nd runners up at VITSOL National Moot Court Competition on Constitutional Law organized by VIT Chennai.
  5. The team comprising of Sakshi Nathani, Naman Jain and Sai Srinivas Reddy emerged as the winners in the Client Counselling Competition Competition conducted by MIT World Peace University Pune from 25th to 26th Feb 2022.

Faculty Members

Dr. Kiran Dennis Gardner
Dr. Kiran Dennis Gardner
Dr. Abhishek Srivastava
Dr. Abhishek Srivastava
Prof. Abhishek Sarma
Prof. Abhishek Sarma
Prof. Sukanya Priyadarsini
Prof. Sukanya Priyadarsini
Prof. Ashish Pathak
Prof. Ashish Pathak
Prof. Shubhi Trivedi
Prof. Shubhi Trivedi
Prof. Priyanka Sonowal
Prof. Priyanka Sonowal

Student Members

  • Gayatri Prasad Birabara
  • Keshav Pandey
  • Yash Mahmia
  • Anushka Jain
  • Arkadeep Pal
  • Pari Agarwal
  • Gauri Kaushik
  • Charvi Sharma
  • Arthita Halder
  • Deepanshi Kapoor
  • Arindam Shit
  • Kiran Patel
  • Jeevana H. Reddy
  • Anusha Nanaware
  • Sakshi Nathani
  • Pranav Agrawal
  • Paarth Samdani
  • Sonam Pradhan
  • Ankita Singh
  • Tammana Bahl
  • Ajinkya Anil Malgaonkar
  • Abha Jyoti
  • Meghna Gade
  • Aayushi Bhatti
  • Snigdha Tadakanti
  • Pranay Dhakad
  • Subhiksha
  • Ishita Shukla
  • Burra Bhavya Sri Goud
  • Nishtha Garhwal

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