Alliance School of Business

One of the main support pillars of this University, Alliance School of Business has carved a niche for itself among the best B-Schools in the country, having been ranked consistently among the top B-Schools and for being the first Indian B-School to be accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), USA


Alliance College of Engineering and Design

Alliance College of Engineering and Design offers degree courses aimed at building skill, expertise and knowledge among its graduates in the areas of higher technology and design.

Alliance School of Law

With a centered emphasis on experiential learning and research approach, the Alliance School of Law leverages a combination of world-class academics and legal practitioners fostering generations of lawyers through cutting-edge legal education.


Alliance Ascent College

Alliance Ascent College, a constituent college of Alliance University, provides a high quality academic environment with dedicated teaching staff and recognized strength in applied research underpinned by an outstanding support of the university.

Alliance School of Liberal Arts and Humanities

With excellence in teaching, research, and pedagogy, Alliance introduces the School of Liberal Arts to further its aim of providing a holistic education—to instill values, skills, and knowledge—to all its budding thinkers, scholars, problem-solvers, and leaders, allowing them to inspire in every walk of life and lead successful and meaningful lives.

A liberating journey of knowledge awaits you at the renowned Alliance School of Liberal Arts-the hub of art and culture in South India. From Ivy League Faculty, a multi-disciplinary approach, and the opportunity to participate in Alliance Literary Festival-one of the nation’s biggest literary, art and film festivals organized by students provides a remarkable opportunity for a close brush with renowned thought leaders of the world inspiring change and demonstrative action.


Alliance School of Design & Creative Arts

Welcome to the Alliance School of Design & Creative Arts, where curiosity, creativity, and the culture of exploration and innovation are nurtured at every step. Situated in the vibrant and culturally rich landscape of Karnataka, India, we are rightly in the new World Design Protopolis of Bengaluru.

Alliance School of Economics

Alliance Schools of Economics offers comprehensive education and research in economics. They nurture future economists and policy makers, training them in the dynamics and challenges of a rapidly changing world. They offer various programs like B.Sc., MA, and PhD. Alliance Schools of Economics aims to develop individuals capable of integrating seamlessly into any organization or even as entrepreneurs. It is known for its unique course content, innovative pedagogy, and exposure to the latest theoretical and empirical research.


Alliance School of Film and Media Studies

At our School of Film & Media Studies, we offer a comprehensive BA program specifically tailored for students with ambitions in journalism, film, television, and digital media. Through a fusion of conceptual learning and hands-on technical training, our program primes students for dynamic roles within the vast landscape of the media industry, spanning journalism, film-making, television broadcasting, digital media, advertising, public relations, and beyond.

Alliance School of Sciences

Alliance School of Science has its own unique curriculum, research focus, faculty expertise, and facilities. The school deeply appreciates the profound role of sciences in shaping the world, and its graduates emerge as pioneers in the field. A transformative force in scientific education, where a dynamic learning environment empowers students to make a significant impact in their chosen fields.


Centre of Excellence in Public Policy, Sustainability and ESG Research

The Centre of Excellence in Public Policy, Sustainability and ESG Research is a dynamic hub dedicated to advancing knowledge and research in critical areas that shape the future. Serving as a catalyst for cutting-edge research, thought leadership and an unwavering commitment to addressing societal challenges, it fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together experts, scholars, and practitioners to generate impactful insights and innovative solutions.

Alliance School of Performing Visual and Creative Arts

Alliance School of Performing Visual and Creative Arts play a pivotal role and Performing Arts stands as testimony to the richness of this country’s cultural legacy. The Performing Arts, comprising of Music, Dance and Theatre, are in demand as career choices, like never before. It offers unique, challenging Performing Arts and Indic Studies programs which prepare artistes for the future. The aim of these courses is to bring in a holistic view to the performing arts’ education system in India. The School offers courses like Diploma and MPA (Masters of Performing Arts).