Pedagogy for the 21st century

In the true spirit of academic freedom central to the idea of Alliance, faculty can creatively mould the curriculum, evaluation, and mode of delivery while throwing the most impactful field visits in the mix. Hence, taking a course is like travelling to a new country and experiencing a complete world.

All this pedagogical innovation has only one goal which is to inculcate the ability to think independently. Like Jacques Rancière’s ignorant schoolmaster, the most erudite faculty here are willing to start from a blank slate to lead their students to their own independent paths of learning, ideation, and creation.

Every day at Alliance University is thus an experiment in teaching meant to put the most radical theories of pedagogy to test. Augmented by cutting-edge technology and a rigorous student feedback system, Alliance puts to practice a truly cybernetic vision of academia unafraid of the complexities of the brave new world.

Experience the Difference at Alliance

  • Freedom to excel by choosing from a wide variety of courses
  • Immerse yourself in digitally enhanced classroom ecosystems
  • Engage with international academics from around the world
  • Analyse case studies, undertake field trips , make your education concrete
  • Undertake extra-curricular activities that enhance classroom learning
  • Work at Centres of Excellence for solid research experience
  • Interact with industry to be at the cutting-edge of your discipline
  • Receive personal mentoring by faculty to work on your individual growth trajectory