About Alliance School of Business

Alliance School of Business, one of the main support pillars of this University, has carved a niche for itself among the best B-Schools in the country, having been ranked consistently among the top B-Schools and for being the first Indian B-School to be accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), USA.

This accreditation means that the B-School has been recognized as among the very few to have international recognition of a high order and consequently adding value to its degree.

Top level accreditations are difficult to come by, and it is our intention to get the best possible accreditations both national and international, adding to our overall recognition.

Alliance School of Business enjoys high-level of recruiter satisfaction from recruiting partners. Top brands and companies consistently recruit from the B-School and even visit it more than once a year in search of exceptional talent from among its graduates. It has an excellent array of international collaborative arrangements with reputed universities and business schools that enable student and faculty exchanges, paving the way for a unique multicultural and eclectic experience.

We pride ourselves on the attention we pay to our students in terms of the personal efforts given for them to achieve their goals. This is one of our main differentiation planks.

Alliance School of Business offers degree courses, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels that seek to build and nurture graduates equipped with strong academic skills and expertise, enabling them to maximize on new opportunities in the global economy. Its innovatively crafted courses manifest strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, key management skills and techniques, technological impact on commerce and transpiring markets, as well as, lively ethical concern towards managing business in rapidly evolving environments. Programs offered also aim at molding students into socially responsible citizens, in addition to being efficient global business leaders.

It is our goal to be ranked amongst the best B-Schools in the country and is confident that we will achieve this target in a very short period of time.

The School's mission rests on six pillars:

  • Student centeredness
  • Excellence in teaching
  • Scholarly and application-oriented research
  • Contemporary and meaningful executive education and development
  • Global focus and cross-cultural sensitivity
  • Outreach activities that serve society and enhance the quality of life

Quality Policy and Objectives

Alliance School of Business, Alliance University is committed to promote and support effective learning and teaching. The School will contribute to the development of a knowledge society through equitable access and broadening participation in higher education.

  • Alliance School of Business would select meritorious students who have a consistent academic record
  • The School will have knowledge delivery systems through a combination of academic achievers and industry professionals as faculty
  • The knowledge delivery process and content will be reviewed periodically to meet the current and future industry needs
  • At least 5 percent of the graduates will be developed as entrepreneurs