Prof. Shantanu Pachahara

Assistant Professor

Alliance School of Law

Prof. Shantanu Pachahara is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in International Commercial Arbitration from Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar and holds a master’s degree from Jaipur National University with specialization in Criminal Law. He strongly believes that apart from classroom learning, research is an integral part of the process of learning the law.

His areas of interest include alternative dispute resolution, international commercial arbitration, and law of crimes. Beside his endeavor to excel in academia, he likes to go hiking and spending time amidst nature. He also occasionally puts his culinary skills to test behind the kitchen counter.

  • “Confidentiality Under Indian Arbitration Regime: Is it Really Justice Behind Closed Doors?” in GNLU SRDC-ADR Magazine Volume I Issue II (August 2020) 
  • “The Emerging Trend of Artificial Intelligence in International Arbitration: An Arbitration Law Analysis” in WEB OF SCIENCE Indexed Journal “Indian Journal of Natural Sciences (IJONS)” Vol.12, Issue 66, June 2021 (Part 3). 
  • “Online Advocacy & Witness Preparation in International Arbitration: Amidst COVID Pandemic” in UGC care listed peer-reviewed print journal “Akshar Wangmay” ISSN-2229-4929 Special Issue – I January 2021.

    Book Chapters

    • “Initiating and Administering Arbitration Proceeding Remotely” in the book titled Perspectives in Laws published by AkiNik Publication (2021) 
    • “Policing the Police: Explicating the Power of Police in India” in the book titled Contemporary Issues in Law and Economics by Mr. Aayush Goyal published by VidhiAagaz - Inking Your Brain (February 2021) 

    • Presented a paper titled “Reckoning to Initiate and Administer Arbitration Remotely: A New Normal” at 11th National E - Conference on Contemporary Legal Issues and Reflections Amidst the Pandemic organised by Christ University, Bangalore (January 2021). Best Paper Presentation Awarded under theme-I of the national conference. 
    • Presented a paper titled “Institutional Arbitration: India’s Attempt to Become an International Arbitration Hub in Southeast Asia” at 17th Asia Law University, Singapore International conference (ASLI) at National Law University, Delhi. 
    • Attended and presented a paper on the topic “The Dream Which Emancipated Children with Disability: A Socio-Legal Analysis” at international conference on social work, law and human rights at Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar.