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Prof. Nataraja N. S.

Assistant Professor

Alliance School of Business

Prof. Nataraja has completed an M.Sc degree in Statistics from Bangalore University and an M.Phil from Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu. He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Statistics from Bhartiyaar University, Coimbatore. He has teaching experience of 24 years for both undergraduate and post graduate courses. His teaching area consists of Statistics, Operations Research (management Science) and Research Methodology (both fundamental and applied areas). His area of research is Econometrics. He has published papers in international journals.

  • ‘Estimation of population mean in the presence of non-response and measurement error’, published in the Colombian Journal of Statistics, 38, 1, 145-161., March 2015
  • ‘Co-Integration of CNX IT Index & Exchange Rates-Evidence from Indian Market’, published in the International Journal of Commerce, IT, Engineering & Social Sciences, Vol I, Issue 4, October 2014
  • ‘Dynamic Linkages Between CNX bank Nifty and Exchange Rates: Evidence From Indian Market’, published in the International Journal of Business and Management Invention