Prof. Moumita Pal

Assistant Professor

Alliance College of Engineering and Design

Prof. Moumita Pal has an academic background in Computer Science and Engineering. She is currently pursuing her doctoral studies in the field of Natural language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning at Department of Technology, Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU). She earned her M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from Department of Technology, Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) and B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT).

Prpf. Moumita is a recipient of the Prime Minister Scholarship and was also awarded INSPIRE Scholarship. Few of her research works have been published in SCOPUS-indexed and UGC-listed journals. Her research interests span across a broad spectrum, including machine learning, deep learning, image processing, and data mining. In her academic career, she has also prepared course policies and served as PR (Public Relations) Coordinator and Community Service Coordinator.

  • Moumita Pal, Rajesh Prasad. A Survey on Multilingual Sentiment Mining: Processing, Challenges and Model Implementation, International Research Journal of Management Science and Technology, Volume 13, Issue 6, 2022.
  • Moumita Pal, Rajesh Prasad. Sentiment Analysis of Bengali Text using Machine Learning, Design Approach. Design Engineering. Vol 2021, Issue 6,pg-13641-13650

Under Review

  • Moumita Pal, Rajesh Prasad. An Algorithm for Sarcasm Detection followed by Sentiment Analysis for Bengali Language: Neural Network & Supervised Approach


  • Emotion detection using real face (matlab). To detect the various emotions like happiness, sadness, laughter and anger using real time faces. A part of it is used as training images and the rest as testing images.
  • Web Designing. Live projects were done for housing societies and profiles of politicians as an internship.
  • Obstacle detector robot. Sensors are to be installed for detection of the obstacles and new path to be estimated accordingly.
  • Railway Information System. Maintaining the databases of reservations of the passengers and optimizing the best case scenario by adjusting the distance and the cost.
  • Indoor Navigation for Blind People Using Visible Light Communication. Setting up connections with the appliances and integrating them into the framework. Executed scripts controlling the motion of peripheral cameras and setting up other hardware devices with Arduino.
  • Edge Detection Algorithm Using Brain Tumor Detection. Combining the Sobel method with image dependent thresholding method, and finding different regions using closed contour algorithm. Finally, tumors are extracted from the image using intensity information within the closed contours.
  • Color Balance and Fusion for Underwater Image Enhancement. Remove the haze in underwater images by applying white balance for correcting color cast and then enhancing the edges by image fusion.

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