Dr. Manu Kanchan

Assistant Professor

Alliance School of Business

Dr. Manu Kanchan holds a Doctoral degree in Management from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur. In his doctoral thesis, he has examined the role of brands in building barriers to competition in the Indian pharmaceutical industry under the changing patent regimes. He did his post-graduation also from IIT, Kanpur and under graduation from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Rourkela.

Scholarly articles by Dr. Manu Kanhan have been published in reputed journals like Economic & Political Weekly (EPW). His research interests include Marketing under regulated environment (which includes all sub-domains of marketing), Corporate Political Activity (which many a times come up as a response to regulations), and the debates revolving around Intellectual property (especially in the context of pharmaceutical industry). Currently, he is working on a research paper in the field of Corporate Political Activity in the context of generic drugs in India.

  • “Business of Hospitals” (2015), Economic & Political Weekly, 50(30): 25-27. This article to assess how the logic of business has transformed hospitals into factories with different doctors changing into workers/employees of those hospitals
  • “Hospital Pharmacies Retail Shops within Corporate Hospitals” (2017), Economic & Political Weekly, 52(11): 19-21. This article examines the workings of Hospital pharmacies located within the premises of Corporate Hospitals looking at how they transform into the retail shops located within other closed premises like the Airports
  • “The Pharmaceutical Industry Has Vested Interests in Making Arguments against Generic Drugs” (2018), Economic & Political Weekly, 53(35). This paper looks at the arguments of prices and drug quality put forward by the Indian pharmaceutical industry when the Government of India tried to push for generic drug prescriptions in 2017