Ms. Mamatha R.

Assistant Professor

Alliance School of Law

Prof. Mamatha. R has earned her Bachelor’s in Law and has a Master’s in Law in Constitutional Law from Bangalore University. She is currently pursuing her doctoral program at Alliance University.

In addition to her educational credentials in Law, she also holds an MBA and a Post Graduate Diploma from Bangalore University.

With over 15 years of teaching and administrative experience, she has made several presentations in national and international conferences and attended seminars on various topics pertaining to law, management, women empowerment etc.  She has also published 15 papers in various reputed journals in law and management.

  • Diplomatic relation in Ancient India, AIMS Journal, ISSN: 2321-8487
  • Employee retention management “Talent acquisition and retention strategies in IT Companies”, International Journal of research in management and social science, ISSN 2322-0899
  • Remedies for breach of Alien Rights under International Law-A critical Appraisal, Advances in collaborative research volume-4, ISBN: 978-1535287715-11-1
  • Work life balance of married men when both are working, AIMS journal, ISBN: No- 978-93-83241-8