Prof. Mahantesh G. S.

Assistant Professor

Alliance School of Law

Prof. Mahantesh G. S. holds a LL.M. and LL.B. from University of Mysore, Karnataka and is currently pursuing Ph.D. in Law from Alliance University, Bangalore, Karnataka. His primary areas of interest are International Law, Human Rights Law, Corporate Law, RTI, and Competition Law.

He has been a part of legal academia for past twelve years. Previously, he has worked as Principal and Program coordinator at Havnur College of Law and ABBS School of Law, Bangalore.

He has participated in several international and national conferences, seminars, symposiums, and workshops and presented research papers.

Publication of Research Articles:

  1. “Remedies for breach alien Rights under International Law – A critical Review” in Karnataka Law Journal, ISSN – 022 – 9091.
  2. Social and Economic Justice under Constitution of India – A Critical Analysis in International Journal of Law, Management and Humanities - ISSN 2581 – 5369.
  3. “Strict Liability in International Law” in International Journal of Legal and Developments and Allied Issues” - ISSN 2454 – 1273.
  4. “Origin and Development of Human Rights of Women” in Asia Pacific Law and Policy Review - ISSN – 25814095.

 Book Chapter Publications:

  1. Contributed a chapter on “Injury to Aliens – A Study from Contemporary International Law Perspective” to the book titled Global Thoughts and Opinions on the International Law and International Relations – An Edited Compilation from Selected Entries of Justice Dipak Misra National CFP 2019 published in the year 2019, ASIN : B08FNP3CGW.

Paper Presentations:

  1. One day National Seminar on “Our Constitution: our Pride” – Paper presented on “Social and Economic Justice under the Indian Constitution – A Critical Analysis” conducted by R.V.Institute of Legal Studies, Bangalore on 22/03/2019.
  2. 2 Days National Law Conference on “Transformative Constitutionalism in India – Reflections on Shifting Paradigms” – Paper presented on “Dynamics of Constitutionalism in India – AN Appraisal” conducted by KLE Society’s Law College, Bangalore on 8th and 9th of March,2019.
  3. One Day National Conference on “Women in Contemporary Society” – paper presented on “Gender Justice and Indian Constitution” and “Crimes against Women in India and their Legal Perspectives” conducted by M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Legal Studies, Bangalore on 18/05/2020.
  4. One Day National Seminar on “Role of Judiciary in protecting Human Rights in India: Issues and Challenges – Paper presented on “Legal Status of Human Rights and Supreme Court – A Critical Analysis” conducted by Vidyavardhaka Law College, Mysore on 25/05/2019.
  5. One Day National Seminar on “Reflections on Free Speech and Expression in the backdrop of Social Media in India” – Paper presented on “RTI Act and Good Governance in India – An Appraisal” conducted by VBCL, Udupi on 13/06/2019.
  6. One Day National Seminar on Human Rights – Paper presented on “Human Rights of Women – A critical appraisal under the Indian Constitution” conducted by NHRC & VBCL, Udupi on 20/09/2020.

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