Dr. Abhik Sarkar

Assistant Professor

Alliance School of Liberal Arts and Humanities

Dr. Abhik Sarkar is a Senior Research Fellow at the Dept. of Visual Arts, Assam university. He taught Creative composition, Art History, Art Aesthetics, Still life Studies at Dept. Of Visual Arts, Assam university from the year 2017-22.

He also worked as a Community Artist at a pilot Art project named Kriya at Shantiniketan under the jurisdiction of contemporary Artist Kingshuk Sarkar and Rashmi Bagchi Sarkar from the year 2012-2014.  Abhik has submitted his Doctoral Thesis titled Inflections of Tantra Imageries in the Art works of Sayed Haider Raza and Biren de; An Analytical Study” on 22nd August 2022.  Apart from his academic as well as Art Practice, Abhik is also a Bengali poet who published in several reputed Bengali Literary Journals.

His Book on Bengali Poems and Artworks titled “Mixed Mediyay Enkechi Mukh” were published by Tristoop Publications. ISBN: 978-81-934960-6-0 and officially launched on Kolkata Book Fair 2018. The book is currently available at Amazon. Several of His Bengali poems were translated into Manipuri language by revered Sahitya Academy award winning poets of Manipur like Dilip Mayangbam, Memchoubi, Ibemhal Devi and many others.


  • R & Sarkar.A (2021) Reflection of Tantric symbolism on Lai- Haraoba festival of Manipur. Shodh Drishti (An international Peer reviewed referred research Journal), Vol 12, no.1, January 2021.pp. (53-58) Impact factor:  5-427
    ISSN : 0976-6650
  • A(2022)Analytical Discussion on Tribal Cosmogony in the Folk Lore of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Anukriti an International Peer reviewed refereed Research Journal Vol 12 , No.5, May 2022
    pp (97-102) Impact Factor- 5.029
    ISSN : 2250-1193
  • Book on Poems and Art works titled “Mixed Mediyay Enkechi Mukh”. Tristoop publications. ISBN : 978-81-934960- 6-0

Book Chapters

  • Sarkar Abhik(2017).A discourse on Tribal cosmogony in the Folklores of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Tribal Identity –Northeast India and beyond. pp.(66-77)ISBN : 819412260-0.

Seminars and Workshops

  • NEC sponsored National Seminar on the topic “cultural diversity and role of media with special reference to North- East India”
    Dept. of Mass communication, Assam university 04.10.2018
    Presented paper titled “Tantra symbolism and Visual culture in Lai Haraoba festival of Manipur”.
  • National Seminar on the topic “ Rethinking Tribal Identity” Dept. of English, Mizoram University 28.03.2019
    Presented paper titled “A Discourse on tribal cosmogony in the folklores of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh “.
  • National Workshop on the topic “Understanding Paradigm shifts in research culture in Social sciences and humanities”. Mahatma Gandhi School of Economics and Commerce, Assam University 01.10.201


  • CIMA Art Mela 2013, Nov 22-24.Venue CIMA Gallery , Kolkata
  • Kolkata Art Fair. Venue: ICCR Kolkata, Nandalal Bose Gallery ,  17th  -20th March 2023
  • Color Wings Award, International Mini Art Show 2023 organized by Nabankur Kala Foundation. March 28th- March 30th 2023
    Venue : Gallery Gold, Kolkata
  • Illumination – A summer collection Curated by Artverse.
    Venue: Birla Academy of Art and culture , April 04- 9 2023
  • Annual Show of Indian Society of Oriental Arts Venue : Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, 23rd May – 29th May 2023.
  • Navagraha – An Exhibition of painting. Meet the awardees of National Painting Contest.
    Venue: Chobi O Ghor Art gallery, 16, lake temple road, Kolkata -700029.

Awards Won

  • Special Jury Award at National Painting Contest 2023 organized by ARTVERSE.
  • Colour Wings Award
    International Mini Art Show 2023