Mr. Sarthak Sharma

Assistant Professor

Alliance School of Law

Prof. Sarthak Sharma is currently pursuing PhD in the domain of correctional institutions from Uttaranchal University, Uttarakhand. He did his BBA LLB and LLM also from the Uttaranchal University. He graduated in the year 2021 and completed his post-graduation in 2022 with specialization in Constitutional law. Apart from specialization in Constitutional law his areas of research interests include legal jurisprudence, administrative law and law of evidence. Currently he is teaching law of evidence at the Alliance University. From the time of his Graduation apart from academics he has had a keen interest in various extra-curricular activities and has participated in various competitions and attended various seminars.

His focus is not only on delivering the quality content to the students but to develop curiosity in their minds regarding the dimensions of law.

  • Paper titled “Fundamental Duties and its enforceability” published in Journal for Law Students and Researchers; ISSN (O): 2582-306X; Volume 2 Issue 4; July 2021.
  • Paper titled “Right to Free Legal Aid in India: A study with special reference to the state of Uttarakhand State Legal Services Authority” published in Sambodhi Indological Research Journal of L.D.I.I; ISSN: 2249:6661; Volume 45 Issue 01 (VI) ; 2022


  • Participated in training program on www.manupatra.com in 2016.
  • Participated in the seminar of Alternate Dispute Resolution focusing on negotiation and mediation. Conducted by PACT in 2018.
  • Completed a certificate course on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 in 2019.