Dr. Vivekanand Mishra


Department of Science

Dr. Vivekanand Mishra earned his doctorate from Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University (IIT, BHU) on “Optical Waveguide” (2001). Dr. Mishra teaches various subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate levels related to the field of Physics and Electronics Engineering. His area of expertise is in Optical fiber communications and nonlinear optics.

Dr. Mishra has more than two decades of academic experiences in institutions across India and abroad. He is involved as Project leader/investigator for various projects funded by the DST, DRDO, India and Ministry of Science and Technology E Science MOSTY Government of Malaysia. Dr. Mishra was active member and secretary of High Speed Broadband Network (HSBN) and Chairman of Optical Communication Group (OGC) at Multimedia University and UTAR Malaysia.

Dr. Mishra’s research interests include optical fiber communications, optoelectronics devices, nonlinear optics, optical sensors, optical amplifier, antenna and metamaterials.

Journal Articles:

Some of the significant publications are as follows:

  • Ranjini, V.Mishra “Evaluation and Significance of Optical Fiber Communication: A Concise Review. Journal of Xi’an Shiyou University, Natural Science Edition ,Vol. 17,No. 01,pp. 190-194 Jan. 2021
  • Shanmugam, V.Mishra, P.N.PatelDesign and performance evaluation of SDD based X-ray spectrometer for future planetary exploration” Radiation Measurement” Vol. 47, pp. 375-382, ,2012
  • N. Patel, V. Mishra “Synthesis and characterization porous silicon P.C for optical sensors” Journal of Optoelectronics and Biomedical Materials. Vol.  1, pp:19-28,2012,
  • Angela Amphawan, Vivekanand Mishra “Real-time holographic backlighting positioning sensor for enhanced power coupling efficiency into selective launches in multimode fiber” Journal of Modern Optics, Vol. 59, Issue 20, pp:1745-1752, 2012
  • N. Patel, V. Mishra “Theoretical and experimental study of nanoporous silicon photonic microcavity optical sensor devices” Advances in Natural Sciences: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.Vol. 3, Issue 3, pp:350-366,2012
  • N. Patel, V. Mishra “Nano Porous Silicon Microcavity Optical Biosensor Device For Glucose Detection” Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures (DJNB) Vol. 7, Issue 3, pp:973-982, 2012,
  • N. Patel, V. Mishra “Nano scale porous silicon microcavity optical sensor device for the detection of methyl parathion” Digest journal of Nanomaterials and biostructures Vol. 7, Issue 4,pp:1817-1823, 2012,
  • Sunita Ugale and V. Mishra “Optimization of reversible LPFG for sensing application” Optik-International Journal for Light and Electron Optics Vol. 125, Issue 1,pp:111-114, 2014,
  • Mondloi and V. Mishra “A Segmentation Based Channel Scheduling Scheme for Improving Channel Utilization in OBS Networks” Optik International Journal for light and Electron Optics Vol. 125, No. 10, pp. 2437-2441, May 2014,
  • Joshi, V. Mishra “Design of Real Time Video Watermarking Based on Integer DCT for H.264 Encoder” International Journal of Electronics Vol. 102 No.1 pp. 207-217,2015,
  • N. Patel, V.Mishra “Realization of porous silicon photonic bandgap optical sensor devices” Journal of Optoelectronics and advanced materials. Vol. 16 No.3 pp.269-275, 2014
  • Vivekanand Mishra N. PatelSuchitra Kumari& Gourav Mishra “Dengue NS1 Detection used Chemically Modified Porous Silicon Microcavity (PSMC)”SILICON,  Vol. 8, No.3  pp 401–407 July 2016,
  • Dwivedi ,V. Mishra “Design and Comparative analysis of a Metamaterial included Slotted Patch Antenna with a Metamaterial Cover over Patch” International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE) Vol-1 No.-6, pp.37-41,2013
  • Dwivedi, V. Mishra “Directivity enhancement of miniaturized microstrip patch antenna using metamaterial cover”International journal of applied electromagnetic and mechanics, Vol 47,No.2, pp399-409, 2015                                                                                               

        Book Published:                                                                                                              

  • Vivekanand Mishra, Sunita Ugale (2012) “ Optical fiber communications: Component and system” John Willy, ISBN No. 9788126534098
  • Vivekanand Mishra, Sunita Ugale (2013 and 2019)” Fiber optic communication System and Component as per AICTE. John Wiley, ISBN No. 978812651074

          Patent Published:

  • Vivekanand Mishra, Surabhi Dwivedi (2016)“Antenna Optimisation using Metamaterials 2571/MUM/2014 A 
  • Vivekanand Mishra, Subhangi Mahamuni (2014)  “ Spectrum sensing in Cognitive radio network” 3004/MUM/2014 A

Conferences Organized and coordinated

  • International conference on emerging technology trends in electronics, communication & networking (ET2ECN - 2014), December 26 - 27, 2014, (IEEE sponsored)
  • International conference on emerging technology trends in electronics, communication & networking (ET2ECN - 2012), December 26 - 27, 2012, (IEEE sponsored)

STTP organized and coordinated

  • Recent advancement in Optical Engineering , 2013
  • Nano scale integration fabrication and characterizations ,2014
  • Optical and wireless communications,2014
  • Recent advancements in Antenna and Metamaterials, 2014
  • Nano scale integration fabrication and characterization,2013
  • Relevance of statistics and Research Methodology, 2019
  • Material and Nanoelectronics IUCEE, 2010

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