Dr. Vivek Mishra

Associate Professor

Alliance School of Applied Mathematics

Dr. Vivek Mishra earned his Doctorate from the Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi. He completed his M.Sc. from the University of Mumbai during which he was awarded the Saker Sreenivasan Memorial award for successively two years for scoring the highest marks.

Dr. Mishra has over two decades of teaching experience and research interest in the areas of fractional calculus and nonlinear dynamics in particular chaos control and synchronization. He has also worked as principal investigator on the funded project of the University of Mumbai on radioactive waste disposal by reaction-diffusion using lattice Boltzman’s Method. Experiencing mathematical application and its uses in general life have always been an area of interest for him.

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  • Mayanak Srivastava, SK Agrawal, V. Mishra,” Adaptive synchronization between different chaotic systems with unknown parameters, IJAIS Proceedings on International conference and workshop on advanced computing 2013.

Book Publication:

  • Applied mathematics I, ISBN 978-93-5224-282-5, Tech-Max Publication Pune,2016.
  • Applied Mathematics II, ISBN 978-93-5224-446-1, Tech-Max Publication Pune,2016

Book Chapter:

  • K. Agrawal, Lalit Batra, Vivek Mishra, D. Datta, “Modified Adaptive Synchronization and Anti-Synchronization method for Fractional order chaotic systems with uncertain parameters” communicated as book chapter in “Advances in special functions of fractional calculus” 2021 (Accepted for Publication)

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