Dr. Srashti Dwivedi

Assistant Professor

Alliance School of Applied Mathematics

Dr. Srashti Dwivedi has a Doctorate from IIT Delhi, Masters in Mathematics and Bachelor of Science (Mathematics Honours) from University of Delhi. Her area of research in her doctorate was combinatorics, specifically Ramsey Theory.

Dr. Dwivedi has research interest in areas that explore additive number theory, graph theory and other aspects of Ramsey Theory or in general combinatorics. She has published papers and presented in renowned national and international conferences. She has been an active volunteer with bodies and events such as Mathematics Olympiad and Spic Macay.

Research Publications

  • On the two-colour Rado number for x1 + ax2 − x3 = c, Integers, Vol. 20, #A36 , 2020. (With Amitabha Tripathi). (ISSN No. 1553-1732)
  • Bounds on van der Waerden-type numbers for generalized 3-term Arithmetic Progressions, Ars Combinatoria (to appear).(With Amitabha Tripathi). (ISSN No. 0381-7032)
  • On the two-colour Rado number for Pm i=1 aixi = c, Communicated. (With Amitabha Tripathi, Ishan Arora).
  • On the two-colour Rado number for Pm−2 i=1 xi + axm−1 − xm = c, Communicated. (With Amitabha Tripathi).
  • On the two-colour disjunctive Rado number for equations Pm−2 i=1 xi + axm−1 − xm = cj ,j = 1, 2, Communicated. (With Amitabha Tripathi, Udit Jain).

  • Qualified GATE-2013 conducted jointly by IITs and IISc and secured All India Rank 110
  • NSS volunteer from 2008-09. Initiated, taught and co-coordinated an educational program ”PADHAKU“ during that year
  • Volunteered for Regional Mathematics Olympiad, Delhi from 2013-15. Role involved looking after logistics, organizing and conducting Mathematics Olympiad for Delhi-NCR region
  • Volunteered for Spic Macay(Without Certification)

Conference/School attended

  • “IWM Annual Conference” held at University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad from Jun 29 - Jul1, 2016. (POSTER PRESENTATION)
  • “5th International Combinatorics Conference” held at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, from Dec 4-9 2017. (PAPER PRESENTED)
  • “The 33rd Annual Conference of The Ramanujan Mathematical Society” held at University of Delhi, Delhi from June 1 - June 3, 2018. (PAPER PRESENTED)