Dr. Riyaz Ahmed K.

Assistant Professor

Alliance School of Business

Dr. Riyazahmed holds a B.Com. (Corporate Secretaryship & Computer Application) and an MBA degree in Finance. Dr. Riyaz’s teaching focus is on finance subjects like financial management, financial markets, and business research methods. Riyaz secured second rank from Bharathiar University, Tamil Nadu for his under graduation. He was awarded Ph.D. from Anna University, Chennai for his thesis work focusing on the area of Investment preference.

Dr. Riyaz started his teaching career in 2010 in a premier B-School in Tamil Nadu, holding positions in teaching, research and public relations. He acted as a coordinator and editorial team member of the B-School’s research journal and played a predominant role in listing the journal in various leading research databases. As a public relations liaison, Dr. Riyaz has written numerous appreciable contents for the B-School in print media, blogs & websites. Dr. Riyaz has played a vital role in the B-School’s consultancy projects like Human Resource Development Report and State Balanced Growth Fund of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Prior to teaching, Dr. Riyaz has worked as finance executive in the Garments Exports Industry where he played a comprehensive role in dealing with export finance operations for a year.

Dr. Riyaz’s research interest is in corporate finance, investments and behavioral finance. He is an invited speaker on Finance in various training programs and has conducted workshops on the topics ‘Fundamentals of qualitative and quantitative research methods, Data analysis using R Programming & SPSS’ which were well received by the research scholars.

Research Paper Publications

  • K.Riyazahmed, & M.G.Saravanaraj. (2016). Implications of Heuristics in financial decision making. Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, 6(7), 1245-1251. doi:10.5958/2249-7315.2016.00509.8
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Conference Paper Presentations & Publications

  • ‘Prospect theory, Market forces & Investor satisfaction’ | International Conference on Financial Markets and Corporate Finance (2016), Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.
  • ‘Range based detection of mean reversion – as Discussant’ | International Conference on Financial Markets and Corporate Finance (2016), Indian Institute Of Technology, Madras.
  • ‘Behavioral Influences in Investor Decision Making - an Indian perspective’ | Transformation of business sustainability: issues and strategies (2016), Kongu Engineering College, Erode.
  • ‘Determinants of Equity prices in Indian stock markets’ (2014) | International Conference, Muhthayammal Eng College, Rasipuram.
  • ‘A study on IPO scenario in Indian Capital Markets Building management model for sustainable growth practices’ (2013) | Vivekananda Institute of management studies, Namakkal.
  • ‘A study on Financial Stability of selective cement companies in India Building management model for sustainable growth practices, 2013)’ | Vivekananda Institute of management studies, Namakkal.
  • ‘Role of Credit Derivatives in financial crises [2007-2010]’ | International conference on financial derivatives, Dept. of commerce (17th to 19th Dec, 2010), Pondicherry University.

Book Reviews

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