Dr. Rima Namhata

Assistant Professor

Department of Language & Literature

Dr. Rima Namhata holds a doctoral degree in genre fiction studies, especially, Indian campus fiction from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. She has served in the capacity of Assistant Professor both in teaching UG and PG courses. Her research interests include campus fiction, business communication, soft skills, pedagogical approaches to soft skills, sustainability practices over language awareness, and humour studies.

Dr. Namhata teaches courses in the areas of academic writing, culture and society, professional spoken communication, managerial communication, and text analysis through tone and structure.

  • Namhata, R. (2021), Popularity of India’s Regional Comic Strips: A Study of the Stylistics of Narayan Debnath’s works in Rupkatha Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities ,Vol.13 (1). Pp-1-13. https://dx.doi.org/10.21659/rupkatha.v13n1.05. Indexed in Scopus, WoS.
  • Namhata, R. and Ghosh, V. (2020), "Teaching young adult learners is an intelligent orchestration of science and arts", Vilakshan - XIMB Journal of Management, Vol. 17 No. 1/2, pp. 129-135. https://doi.org/10.1108/XJM-07-2020-0053
  • “Theme of Oppression and Liberation: Sketches of the Female Characters by Alice Walker in The Color Purple” published in The Criterion, an International Journal in English in Vol.II, Issue. I (April 2011).
  • “English Language Teaching to Disadvantaged Learners: Use of some Effective Methodologies” published in the Thematics Journal of English Language Teaching (TJELT), in the March, Vol.1, 2011 issue.
  • Paper published titled “Smooth Talk, Smart Attire, Efficient Practice and a Tinge of Humour: Way to Presentation Skill for Beginners”. IUP Journal of Soft Skills, ICFAI University Press (March 2011 issue, Vol. V, No. I).
  • “The Magic of Methodology in English Language Teaching”, published in the January issue of e-journal (Vol.VII No. I) Indian Review of World Literature in English.
  • Title – ‘Repatriation: Delving into the Real Scenario’. Article published in MBA Review, ICFAI University Press, July, 2008 issue.

Book Chapters

  • Namhata, R. (2022). Understanding the Shades of Marginalisation in Afro-American Writings: A Study of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple in Women’s Voices: Projection of Women in Literature (Authorpress, forthcoming).
  • Namhata R., Patnaik P. (2019) The ‘Verticals’, ‘Horizontals’, and ‘Diagonals’ in Organisational Communication: Developing Models to Mitigate Communication Barriers Through Social Media Applications. In: Patnaik S., Yang XS., Tavana M., Popentiu-Vl?dicescu F., Qiao F. (eds) Digital Business. Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies, vol. 21.Pp. 343-373. Springer, Cham. Print ISBN: 978-3-319-93939-1. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-93940-7_14.
  • Book chapter titled “Inner Violence and Repression in Fire on the Mountain: Tension and Subjugation of the Female Society of Post-Independence and Quest for Identity” (2011) published in the book titled, Anita Desai's Fiction: Themes and Techniques by B.R. Publication with ISBN No. 978-81-7646-788-9.http://www.printsasia.com/book/Anita-Desai-s-Fiction-Themes-and-Techniques-Arvind-M-Nawale-817646788X-9788176467889

  • Best Faculty for Overall Positive Impact for the year 2020 based on overall support and contribution to student life & learning during 2019-20 in Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur.
  • Invited as a Speaker for the ICSSR sponsored national webinar on Virtual Education- Interactive and Inclusive Aspects, 2021.

  • Participated and paper presented in the 32nd International Conference of Psychology in Prague, Czech Republic from July 18-23, 2021. The paper is titled: Aesop’s Fables as an Instructional Tool to Impart Soft Skills to tier-three Indian Business Schools.
  • Participated and paper presented in the virtual International conference ComIN20, organised by the Department of Design, IIT Delhi, scheduled on 5-6th December, 2020. The paper is titled, Stylistics of Indian ComicSeries: A Select Study of Narayan Debnath’s Comic
  • Participated and paper presented in International Virtual Conference on Language Teaching Beyond the Classroom: Issues and Perspectives organised by Centre for Linguistics, Jawaharlal Nehru University in collaboration with Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore on 21st-22ndAugust, 2020. The title of the paper is:  Greener by Transdisciplinary Approach: Teaching Sustainability Through Language Practices.
  • Virtual presentation titled, Decolonising the English Register in the Discourse of Indian Campus Fiction at the 6th International Conference on Arts and Humanities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia themed ‘Decolonisation in the Arts and Humanities’ on 19th-20th September 2019 in collaboration with Concordia University, Caritas Institute of Higher Education, IIT Hyderabad.
  • Paper presented at 5th International Conference, titled:  Paradigm Shift in Language Learning: Active Contribution of Technology, organised by ELTAI in association with British Council and the Regional English Language Office of the American Centre, New Delhi, 5th to 7th August, 2010.

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