Dr. Ray Titus

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Incubation and Innovation ) & Dean, ASOB

Alliance School of Business

Dr. Ray Titus holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from SMC University, Zug, Switzerland, an MBA (Global) from Deakin University, Australia, and an MBA (Marketing) from the International Management Institute, Belgium. He completed his Post Graduate Program in Management (Business Analytics) from IMT, Ghaziabad and topped his undergraduate studies in Hotel Management from IHM, Trivandrum. Ray is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt awarded by KPMG. Dr. Ray has taught courses as Visiting Professor at IIM Bangalore, SP Jain Center of Management, Dubai & Singapore, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, and the Institute of Product Leadership. As a Consulting Advisor at Sphere Thoughts, a Bangalore based Research & Consulting Firm and as a Marketing Consultant, Dr. Ray aids clients in generating buyer insights, building go-to-market and growth strategies. Dr. Ray is the founder of Dabit Lab, a digital habits research lab that uses mixed method research techniques to generate depth-driven user insights.

Listed as a 'Consumer Lifestyle Expert' by Economic Times, Dr. Ray is frequently invited as a speaker on consumer and lifestyle related topics. He is the author of 3 books namely, ‘Round the Clock: How a Digital Marketplace is Transforming Business’ (Sage, 2018), ‘Yuva India: Consumption & Lifestyle Choices of a Young India' (Random House, 2015) and 'Business Drama - How Shakespearean insights help leaders manage volatile contexts' (co-author, Zorba, 2014). His business articles and expert comments have featured in leading Indian and global media publications. His blog, ‘Buyer Behaviour’ has been featured among leading business blogs.

Dr. Ray’s entry into academia followed a decade long stint in Industry where he served in Operations, Marketing, Project, and Strategy roles. As an Industry professional he has formulated and executed growth initiatives that include portfolio and category expansions, product introductions, and the launch of an independent strategic business unit. His industrial stint saw him managing service and retail operations at the Taj Group of Hotels, India and the Landmark Gulf Group, Dubai. As the Marketing Head at INI Technologies, Dr. Ray oversaw market and product development initiatives, and while at Coffee Day, Ray spearheaded the launch of Coffee Day Xpress as an independent Strategic Business Unit. In executing growth strategies for businesses, he has forged cross-border strategic alliances and custom-designed franchising models for market expansions.

Research Paper Publications

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Case Publications

  • ‘From the Bean to the cup’, (Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company), published in Renvoi Management Case Studies, 2005

Book Publications

  • ‘YuvaNation: Consumption & Lifestyle Choices of a Young India’, Random House Business, 2015, ISBN 978-81-8400-651-3
  • ‘Business Drama: How Shakespearean insights help leaders manage volatile contexts’, Zorba Publishers, 2014, ISBN 9789381239322, with Gopinath, Mohan., and Sengupta, Debashish

Book Chapter Publications

  • ‘Transforming Banking through Tech-driven Mobility’, published in Research in Finance: Corporate Behavioral Microfinance and E-Finance Models, 2013, Raj Publications, ISBN: 8184842864; EAN: 9788184842869, with Mathew, Sajan

Research Papers Presented/Published in the Conference Proceedings

  • ‘Assessing Causative Factors Prompting Digital Content and Device Adoption among Young Indian Readers.’, presented at the IFIM 10th Annual International Conference on Digital Business: New Frontiers in Management, February 4–6, 2016, written with Sengupta, Debashish
  • Acquiring Strategic Talent with Technology as an Enabler: A Case Research.’, presented at the 6th International Conference on Managing Business Competitiveness through Technology, Innovation, and Big Data, Acharya Bangalore B-School, December 17-18, 2015, written with Sengupta, Debashish
  • ‘Engaging the digital reader’, presented at the Seminar on ‘Reading Habits in the Digital Age’, Alliance University & Karnataka State Library Association, Nov. 18, 2015.
  • ‘Repositioning Physical Evidence to alter Perceptions and encourage Trial: A Case Research’, presented at the 7th Great Lakes NASMEI Marketing Conference, December 27-28, 2013, written with Sengupta, Debashish., Alexander, Jacob, and Mathew, Sajan
  • ‘Qualifying Static and Dynamic Components with technology Interventions in Service Processes for Benchmarking’, presented at the Fourteenth Annual Global Information Technology Management (GITMA) World Conference, June 16-18, 2013, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, written with Sengupta, Debashish., Alexander, Jacob, and Mathew, Sajan
  • ‘Business Model Innovation: The Organized Avtar of the Kirana Store in India’, presented at the Convergence 2013, 5th international Conference on Role of Innovation in Business, organized by IFIM, Bangalore on May 16-17, 2013, written with Sengupta, Debashish., and Santhakumar, Shruti
  • ‘Neuromarketing: Integrating Neuroscience and marketing with technology as a facilitator’, presented at the 6th Great Lakes NASMEI Marketing Conference, Dec 30-31, 2012, written with Alexander, Jacob., Thomason, Rajan., and Mathew, Sajan.,
  • ‘Neuromarketing: ‘When Technology empowers Marketing’, presented at the 13th Annual Global Information Technology Management Association (GITMA) World Conference, June 17-19, 2012, Alliance University, Alliance School of Business, written with Mathew, Sajan, and Alexander, Jacob
  • ‘Women as Decision-Makers – Exploring household contexts through ‘lived experiences’, presented at the 4thConference On Excellence In Research And Education to be held during May 10 -13, 2012 at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indore, written with Madan, Sahana, and Sengupta, Debashish
  • ‘Marketing through Cloud – Product to the End User’, presented at the 4th National Seminar on Service Management Strategy and Challenges in era of Globalization, April 19-20, 2012, Indian Academy School of Management Studies, written with Mathew, Sajan, and Alexander, Jacob
  • Evaluating Environmental Variables to Assess Exhibited Behaviour: A Study of Gen Y’, presented in-absentia at the International Conference on Technology and Business Management (ICTBM-12) jointly organized by University of Wollongong in Dubai & International Forum of Management Scholars (INFOMS), March 26-28, 2012, written with Sengupta, Debashish
  • ‘Coca Cola in India: A study on Product Portfolio and Distribution Adaptation’, presented at the International Conference on Competitiveness & Innovativeness in Engineering, Management, and Information Technology; ICCIEMI 2012, Euro Asia Research & Development Association, January 29, 2012, MAIMT Jagadhri, written with Nagabhushana
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  • ‘Knowledge Management – An information processing paradigm’, presented at the Conference on Web Intelligence; Rajagiri Institute of Management, Cochin, December 15 -16 , 2006, written with Mathew, Sajan
  • ‘Enhancing Commodity Business Competitiveness through Forward Integration’ presented at the Conference on Global Competitiveness; IIM-Kozhikode, June 13-18, 2005.

Media Publications (Print, Online)

  • ‘How the IPL is now India's 'Tyohaar'’, Business Insider India, April 15, 2015
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