Dr. Pratima Verma

Professor & Area Chair – HRM

Alliance School of Business

Dr. Pratima Verma teaches Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, HR Analytics, Psychometrics and Research Methods. She is a visiting faculty at IIM Ranchi and IIM Kozhikode. She has completed her Post-Doctoral Studies from Stockholm School of Business, Stockholm University, Sweden (2012-2013). She holds a Doctorate of Philosophy from WISDOM, Banasthali on “Values Based Management: Perspectives from Indian Ethos, Modern Social and Spiritual Thinkers and Indian Management Scholars” (2009) and an MBA from Lucknow University (1999).

Awards won
  • Best Paper Award for paper titled. “Inculcating the mindset change towards quality enhancement-Key performance for reliability and acceptability” at National conference of T. John College, Bangalore, 2018
  • “Best Professor in Human Resource Management” by Times Ascent and World HRD congress, 2018
  • Best Paper Award for paper titled, “Digital India based on Seva and Swaraj: Toward a conceptual social reality” at PAN IIM 2017, IIM Lucknow, 2017
  • “Distinguished Service Award” by AIMS group at IIMA, 2010 
  • 2nd Best Paper Award at IHRD meet in Bangalore, 2008 
  • Best Faculty Award by Adarsh Group of Institutions, 2006 

Some of the significant publications are as follows:

  • Verma, P., Mohapatra, S., & Löwstedt, J. (2016). Ethics training in the Indian IT sector: Formal, informal or both? Journal of business ethics133(1), 73-93 (FT-50, A in ABDC. 
  • Mohapatra, S., & Verma, P. (2019). Bhoodan-Based Corporate Citizenship: Corporate Accountability Based on Serving and Empowering Land-Owners and Users. Athens Journal of Business & Economics5(2), 141-162.  
  • Mohapatra, S., & Verma, P. (2018). Sev?, Swar?j, and Digital India: Sustaining Digitalization for Good-Governance. South Asian Journal of Management (C in ABDC), 25(3), 159-178. 
  • Mohapatra, S., & Verma, P. (2018). Tata as a Sustainable Enterprise: The Causal Role of Spirituality. Journal of Human Values (Scopus,  C in ABDC)., 24(3), 153-165. 
  • Mohapatra, S., & Verma, P. (2020). Bhood?n-based Land Acquisition (BhaL?i): Creating Stakeholder Bhalai, Spiritually. IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review9(1), 62-71. (B in ABS, C in ABDC) 
  • Verma, P., & Mohapatra, S. (2020). Strong Identification, Weak Ideology, Organisational Culture or All: Unethical Pro-organisational Behaviour in India. In War, Peace and Organizational Ethics. Emerald Publishing Limited. (B in ABDC) 
  • (accepted, publication details awaited) Verma, P., Mohapatra, S. & Stocchetti, A. Professionals as the 4th ‘P’ of Sustainability: A sustainable HRM Framework with Strategic implications. in International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management (C in ABDC) 
  • Ranjith, T.P., & Verma, P. (2020). Person Organization Fit Display Through Social Media: Employee as a stockholder. International Journal of Economic Research. 17(2), 167-176. (C in ABDC).,  
  • Ranjith, T.P., & Verma, P. (2018).Employee Participation in employer branding activities in Social Media: a way to impression management. Review of Applied Economics (C in ABDC)., 16(1-2), 153-165. (C in ABDC)., 

Book Chapters: 

  • Verma, P., & Mohapatra, S. (2017). The Combined Use of Formal and Informal Ethics Training in the Indian IT Companies. In International Business Strategy (pp. 361-389). ISBN – 978-1-137544667 
  • Mohapatra, S., & Verma, P. (2019). Vasudhaiva Ku?umbakam Based Land Acquisition: Toward a Sustainable (Spiritual) Business through Holistic Stakeholder Management, Clint Baldwin (Ed.), Spirituality: Past, Present and Future Perspectives (pp. 160-201). Nova Science Publishers. ISBN: 978-15-3615-713-0 
  • Dey. D & Verma, P. (2019). Indian Government’s initiatives towards the inclusion of disabled people at workplace, Sustainable Development: A value chain perspective. Speaking tigers. ISBN: 978-93-88874-23-6 
  • Mohapatra, S., & Verma, P (2020). Affectively oriented volunteer-work meaningfulness: Toward true sustainability In An Anthology of Ethics (pp. 63-88). Atiner publications, Athens. ISBN - 978-960-598-311-6. 
  • Mohapatra, S., & Verma, P (2020). Tata Way: Piety, Profit, Progress through Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta  In An Anthology of Ethics (pp. 141-167). Atiner publications, Athens. ISBN - 978-960-598-311-6.  

Local Journals

  • “Management mantras for employer and employee bonding” published in “Global impact of Indian Management”, Excel publisher, 133-19, ISBN no. 938136115-0 
  • “Two Gurus Shaping Indian Management”, National Journal of Research In Management, December-2011, ISSN: 2249 – 0906 
  • Book review of “My experiments with corporate Rhymes” in IBA Journal of management & Leadership, July-December 2010 Volume-2, pg 128, ISSN 2230-7524 
  • “Self-Management----Realigning of DNA”, published in GBR Business Review, Spring 2008, Volume 4, Pg 1-5, ISSN 0973-1466 
  • “Hidden Motivators of Telecom Employees”, IJRCM, Volume 1 (2011) issue no. 7 (December), pg 50, issn 0976 – 2183,  
  • “Inspirational Motivation” IJEMR – November 2011-Vol 1 Issue 6 , ISSN 2249 – 8672 
  • Book Review of “New mantras in corporate corridors” in South Asian Journal of Management Research Volume 1, Number 1, January 2009, pg no.53, ISSN 0974-73X

Conference Papers:

  • Verma, P. & Mohapatra, S., Politics realm: The power of perception management in Start-ups vs. established organizations. at PAN IIM 2019 at IIM Rohtak, 12th-14th Dec 2019. 
  • Verma, P. & Mohapatra, S., Junior employees’ informal inclusiveness for long term success: Top and mid-level managers’ perspective using Q methodology at PAN IIM 2019 at IIM Rohtak, 12th-14th Dec 2019. 
  • Mohapatra, S & Verma, P., “Sustainable HR Value: Toward the ‘Professional’ Driven True Sustainability”, 6th Annual International Conference on Business, Law & Economics, 6-9 May 2019, Athens, Greece 
  • Mohapatra, S & Verma, P., “Sustainable human resource management and true sustainability: A conceptual study”, International Interdisciplinary Conference on HRM, School of Business, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, 3rd-5thApril, 2019. 
  • Verma, P. & Ramya.M., “A conceptual analysis of mindset and actual learning: A moderated –mediation model of propensity to learn and learning culture” presented on 24th-25th February, 2018 in 22nd International Conference on the theme "Advancements and Challenges in Social Sciences and Business Management-Interdisciplinary Research and Practice", at MES Bangalore (jointly organized by Research Development Association, Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Jaipur Management Association). 
  • Verma, P. & Ramya.M., “Mind and Learning: A moderated mediation model of Internal stimuli- Pleasure/Pain, External Stimuli-Learning Culture and propensity to learn”, CERE-IIM Indore, 4th May 2018. 
  • Verma, P. & Ramya.M., “Does one size fit all? Investigating mindset and performance relationship based on Psychological regulatory focus theory and social learning theory”. Presented at conference on ‘Inculcating the mindset change towards quality enhancement-Key performance for reliability and acceptability; at T.John College , Bangalore, 31st October 2018  
  • Verma, P. & Ramya.M., “Perceived support a path for organizational Spontaneity: Affective Commitment as a mediator, Building a conceptual framework”, PANIIT- IIT Roorkee. Nov30-Dec 2, 2018. 
  • Verma, P and Mohapatra, S., “Digital India based on Seva and Swaraj: Toward a conceptual social reality” at PAN IIM 2017 at IIM Lucknow, 14th-17th Dec 2017. 
  • Verma, P and Mohapatra, S., “The mediation of Facebook profile picture on the relationship between the millennial employee’s personality and their benefits preferences: The making of fast & frugal heuristic to manage the millennial employees” presented at NIT, Rourkela, 9th-10th October 2015. 
  • Verma, P and Mohapatra, S., “Tata leadership legacy: Toward sustainability through organizational mnemonics based on spirituality” presented on 18-21 December, 2017 in conference - 11th Annual International Conference on Global Studies: Business, Economic, Social and Cultural Aspects, Athens, Greece. 
  • Verma, P., “Communication Satisfaction Questionnaire (CSQ) in Indian Context”, presented on 8th-9th December 2017 in 6th International Conference on Managing Human Resources at the Workplace, SDMID, Mysore 
  • Verma, P. ‘Impact of ethics training on Indian IT sector’ selected in Pan-IIM, WMC conference 30th May-1st June 2013, Goa. 
  • Verma, P. & Deb.D, “Indian Government Initiatives towards inclusion of disabled people at workplace”, SDVP-18, MDI-Murshidabad, 7th-8th September 2018. 
  • Verma, P., “Unethical behavior to help organization” presented at AIB conference, IIM-Ahmedabad, 13-15th Dec 2013. 
  • Verma, P., “Case study on—Leather product demand in Bangalore” presented at IIMA on 2nd January 2011 organized by AIMS on Management Education in 2020: Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities. 
  • Verma, P., ‘Inspiration from Inspirational Motivation’ at Seminar----“New Frontiers in Indian Management” held at WISDOM, Banasthalli (18-19 Nov, 2006) on Conducted workshop at SIDVIN Business School on ‘Self-Management’. 
  • Verma, P., “Seminar Report’ of seminar on ‘Practical Spirituality and Human Development’, held at IBA, Bangalore (Sep 16 2006); Published in Southern Economist, Nov’06. 
  • Verma, P., “Self-Management-Realigning of DNA”, 7th National Conference of Innovations in Management Practices, FMS, Haridwar (U.P), 10th-11th September 2007.  
  • Verma, P., “Employee Relation: The Mantra to Success”, 8th International Conference on Operations and Quantitative Management, Assumption University, Bangkok, 17th-20th October 2007. 
  • Verma, P., “BSNL-A Case of Job Satisfaction”, 5th AIMS International Conference on Management, 26th-29th December 2007, IBS, Hyderabad. 
  • Verma, P., “Manage your---Human Asset”, 4th International Conference on Entrepreneurship in new economy, Rajiv Academy for Technology & Management, Mathura (U.P), 14th-15th February 2008 
  • Verma, P., “Empowerment mantras in Indian Ethos”, International Conference on Expanding Horizons of Indian Business & Indian Management, IBA-Greater Noida, 18th-19th February 2008
  • Verma, P., “Vidurniti—Treasure of management mantras”, International Conference on Services management-New Perspectives, Kohinoor Business School, Khandala, 8th March 2008
  • Verma, P., “Inspirational Motivation”, UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Business Ethics, Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility, Department of Management studies, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry, 12th-13th April 2008
  • Verma, P., “Hidden Motivators---A Case of ITS officers”, International Conference on Statistics and its Applications in Management (ICSAIM), Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode, May1st -3rd, 2008
  • Verma, P. “Nurturing Leadership through better Employee Relations”, International conference on Nurturing Thought Leadership through Management Education, AIMS 20th Annual Convention 2008 (Jointly organized by AIMS & Welingkar), Welingkar, Bombay, 27th-29th August 2008
  • Verma, P., “Empowerment---The Indian Way”, 2nd International Conference on Management Sciences and Arts, Faculty of Management Studies, Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar, Uttarkhand, 15th-17th September 2008 
  • Verma, P., “Industrial growth----the key notion of 21st century”, 14th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Development Research Conference (ISDR Society in collaboration with MDI Gurgaon), India Habitat Center, New Delhi, 21st—23rd Sep 2008 
  • Verma, P., “Japanese Management—The Upper Hand”, National Conference on Export Credit Insurance and its contribution to India’s Exports—Opportunities and challenges (CONECI), Department of Commerce, School of Management, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry, 10th-11th Oct 2008 
  • Verma, P., “Leadership is all about caring for others”, Bangalore HR Summit 2008on the theme “Role of HR in Building Strategic Business Leadership”, Institute of HRD, The Leela Palace, Bangalore, 19th-20th Dec 2008 -------Received 2nd Best Paper Award 
  • Verma, P., “Two Gurus shaping Indian Management: Lessons of LCM-SEED”, Sixth AIMS International Conference on Modern and Ancient Management: Directions for future of Management thought, Indian Business Academy, Greater Noida, U.P., 28th -31st Dec 2008 
  • Verma, P., “Leadership”, Nirma International Conference on Management (NICOM-2009) on Strategic Human Resource Management & Entrepreneurship in the Changing Business Scenario, Nirma University of Science and Technology, Ahmedabad, 08th-10th Jan 2009
  • Verma, P., “New Contour in Indian Management: A Study of Three path breaking books in Indian Management”, 2nd International Conference on Integrating Spirituality and Organizational leadership, School of Global leadership & Entrepreneurship-Regent University, Faculty of Management Studies-University of Delhi, Pondicherry, 9th -12th Feb 2009
  • Verma, P., “Productivity & Gunas”, AIMS conference at IIM-B, 20th-24th Dec 2009
  • “Industrial growth with sustainable development”, AIMS conference at IIM-B, 20th-24th Dec 2009
  • Verma, P., “Mahabharata—the ocean of management mantras”, International Conference on Management insights in Mahabharata, IBA in collaboration with BMA and SAMBODH, 19th & 20th Feb 2010
  • Verma, P., “Value Based Management-Gandhian way, International conference on Value Based management, AIMS conference at DSVV, Haridwar, 11th-13th Aug 2010

Industry Interface: 

  • MDP’s in IIM Kohzikode on ‘Strategic Transformation and Leadership’, ‘HR Values and Ethics’, ‘Leadership & Team Building’, ‘Engagement and Personal Growth’, ‘Organizational Effectiveness’, ‘Change Management’ etc, 2016 onwards
  • MDP on “Employee Engagement” for First American, TVS Group, Toyota Kirloskar, NTECL-VTPP and Bostik India (Middle management), 2015 
  • Consultancy for TVS-Lucas on “Assessing Middle Management”, 2015  
  • MDP and assessment on “Competency mapping” for Super Spinning Mills Ltd., Sara Elgi Group, Otto Bilz (India) Pvt.Ltd., Ascendas, Madura Coats Private Limited, ITC Ltd. (Middle management), 2014 
  • Consultancy for Titan on ‘Competency for Executives’, 2014
  • Workshop on “Emotional Quotient for Growth” at Logica Software, 2011

Conferences Organized and Coordinated

  1. International conference (a stream was framed, announced and paper selection)  Stream on “Spirituality & Business Ethics” as part of the Symposium on Business Ethics, 2018, Athens, Greece sponsored by the Athens Journal of Business & Economics, the Athens Journal of Law and the Athens Journal of Social Science, https://www.atiner.gr/ethspi
  2. International conference on “Global Impact of Indian Management” –The Oxford College of Engineering, 2010.
  3. International Conference on Expanding Horizons of Indian Business & Indian Management—IBA, 2007.
  4. International conference on CRM—Ashoka Hotel, 2001.