Dr. Prasanna Mohan Raj M

Associate Professor

Alliance Ascent College

Dr. M. Prasanna Mohan Raj is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Branding at the Alliance School of Business, Alliance University, Bangalore. His main fields of interests converge on Brand Management, Marketing Research & Analytics. Dr. Prasanna Mohan Raj pursued his doctoral work from the prestigious National Institute of Technology (NIT), Trichy. Prof. Prasanna's article on “An empirical model for brand loyalty measurement", was published in the Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing, Palgrave Macmillan, U.K. and rated as one of the most read articles by the publishers and getting more citations. He has published many research articles in scholarly, international journals with more citations. He is on the editorial board of some leading journals. He has professional experience of thirteen years including both in industry and academia. He worked in the area of Brand Development in the new Indian Express. He worked in research & analytics and developed white papers/case studies at Hexaware Technologies.

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Research Papers Presented/Published in the Conference Proceedings
  • ‘Personality Profiling Of Potential Car Buyers – Cluster Analysis’, presented at the International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence, December 2015, IIM-B
  • ‘Compulsive buying behavior of Indian urban youth: A Cluster analysis approach’, presented at the International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence, December 18-19, 2014, IISc, Bangalore.
  • ‘Joss sticks (Agarbattis): A Journey from a commodity to brand’, presented and published in the proceedings of GREAT LAKES – NASMEI International Marketing Conference, December 29-30, 2014
  • ‘Knowledge Management – A Road Map for Winning Organization’, presented and published in the proceedings of International Conference on Knowledge Management, February, 2011, SSIM, Hyderabad
  • ‘The Perception of consumers towards B segment cars and an evaluation of the effect of B-segment car communication on potential car consumers in Bangalore’, presented at the GREAT LAKES – NASMEI International Marketing Conference, December 29-30, 2012
  • ‘Gaining Competitive Advantage Through positioning strategies’, presented at the Strategic Management Forum, May , 2006, Indian Institute of Management (IIM-K)
Book Chapter Publications
  • ‘Measurement of Brand Preferences Brand Loyalty in Business Magazines’, published in the book New Age Marketing: Emerging Realities, 2008, Excel Books
  • ‘Developing a Model of Film-induced Tourism: A qualitative Research study’, published in the book Tourism Business, Emerging Trends and evolving Practices, Himalaya Publishing House
  • ‘A conceptual model for Corporate Branding in Indian context’, published in the book Corporate Branding- Perspectives and Experiences, Icfai University press, ISBN: 978-81-314-1531-3

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