Dr. Mithun Hanumesh

Assistant Professor

Alliance College of Engineering and Design

Dr. Mithun Hanumesh, a naturalist at heart, did his bachelor’s in civil engineering at Dr. Ambedkar institute of technology and then moved to France to pursue Master of Research in Urban environment at Ecole centrale de Nantes. He was then selected by a department of French environmental ministry to do a PhD in green roofs at laboratory of soil and environment, University of Lorraine, France, in collaboration with French environmental ministry.

After spending 8 years in France, attending several international conferences and seminars and publishing one meta-analysis paper, he is back with his learnings to contribute to his home country. His hobbies include writing poetry in his mother tongue, Kannada.

  • Hanumesh, M.; Claverie, R.; Séré, G. A Roof of Greenery, but a Sky of Unexplored Relations—Meta-Analysis of Factors and Properties That Affect Green Roof Hydrological and Thermal Performances. Sustainability 202113, 10017. https://doi.org/10.3390/su131810017

  • International conference presentation - Factors or Actors? Influence of Rain, freeze/thaw & vegetation on green roof pedogenesis, SUITMA, Berlin, Germany (2022)
  • International conference presentation - A roof of greenery, but a sky of unexplored relations, RUDN, Russia (2020)
  • International Seminar - presentation on green roof pedogenesis Ecole Doctorale SIReNa, France (2021 & 2022)