Dr. K A Venkatesh

Professor & Registrar (Examination & Evaluation)

Alliance College of Engineering and Design

Dr. K A Venkatesh is a Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science with over 32 years of teaching experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He is a versatile researcher, having contributed significantly to various disciplines. Driven by a passion for education, he possesses a distinguished record of publications, including over 20 book chapters and 54 journal articles.

His academic qualifications include a Ph.D. in Combinatorial Optimization, an MPhil degree, and an MSc degree. Dr. Venkatesh is an active member of several prestigious organizations, including the Ramanujan Mathematical Society and the Academy of Discrete Mathematics and Applications. He is also affiliated with IEEE and serves as an EDM Outreach Member in SIAM, USA. His unwavering commitment to teaching and dedication to helping students succeed stand as pillars of his academic philosophy.

  • Kartik, Mahalakshmi and K A Venkatesh, “XAI-Based Student Performance Prediction: Peeling Back the Layers of LSTM and Random Forest's Black Boxes" accepted for Publication in S N Computer Science, Springer
  • Diana Steffi, Shilpa Mehta, K A Venkatesh, “ Objection Detection on Robosoccer Environment using CNN”, Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and computer Science”, 29(1), 286-294, http://dx.doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v29.i1.pp286-294, Jan 2023
  • Shunmugam, N Vasudev, K.N Ravi, K A Venkatesh, Influence of Profile on the Pollution Performance of Cap-and-Pin Insulators – An Experimental Study IEEE- Electrical Insulator Magazine , vol32(6), pg 20-28. Nov- Dec 2016
  • Pushkala, J. Mahamayi and K A Venkatesh, Liquidity and Off-Balance Sheet Items: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Sector Banks in India, SDMIDM Journal, Vol 8(1), March 2017, pg 85-94
  • S Shunmugam, N Vasdev, Ravi K N , K A Venkatesh, ”Applicability of dimensional analysis for the prediction of pollution performance of insulators: an experimental study” IET :Generation, Transmission and Distribution, https://doi.org/10.1049/iet-gtd.2016.1504

Book Chapter

  • K A Venkatesh, K Mohana Sundaram and V. Pothiachi, “Regressions Tasks for Machine Learning” in an edited book , “ Statistical Modeling in Machine Learning” Academic Press, 123-157, 2023, https://doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-323-91776-6.00009-9
  • K A Venkatesh, Dhanajay Mishra and T. Manimozhi, “ Model Selection and Regularization” in an edited book, “Statistical Modeling in Machine Learning” CRC Press” Academic Press, 157-178, 2023, https://doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-323-91776-6.24001-3
  • K A Venkatesh, Calvin S King, “ Performance Assessments in the context of Developing and Assessing Competencies, in an edited book, “Development of Employability Skills Through Pragmatic Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes” IGI USA, 4018/978-1-6684-4210-4.ch008
  • Anandi Giridharan , K A Venkatesh, “Student Behavior Modeling and Context Acquisition: A Ubiquitous Learning Framework” in an edited book, “ Brain and Behavior Computing” CRC Press, https://doi.org/10.1201/9781003092889
  • Diana Stefi, Shilpa Mehta, Sunil, K A Venkatesh, “Robot Path Planning–Prediction: A Multidisciplinary Platform: A Survey”, in an edited book, “Data Science and Security”, Springer,LNNS, vol 132, http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-981-15-5309-7_22
  • K A Venkatesh, Anandi Giridharan, “Machine consciousness: mind, machine, and society contributors” in an edited book, “ Cognitive Informatics, Computer Modelling and Cognitive Science: Theory, Case Studies and Applications, Elsevier, https://doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-12-819443-0.00002-7
  • T Thansi, C Kalaiarasan, K A Venkatesh, “Service Measurement Index-Based Cloud Service Selection Using Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution Based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Values” Springer


  • Best Paper award for the Paper Titled, “ Outcome_based Education for Effective Implementation of NEP” at National Conference on NEP Readiness: Scopes and Challenges’ for Transforming Higher Education, September 2022 organized by CESS, NAAC, KSHEC, AIU, RIM
  • Research Excellence Award by The Indus Foundation, USA, during Indo- American Education Summit, 2016.
  • Patent granted on Smart Muzzle ID, No: 202011036246, 10th August 2023
  • UGC Visiting Fellow to Karnatak University Dharwad to impart Lessons on Algorithmic Graph Theory for Research Scholars, 2010
  • Subject Expert Member for Karnataka Skill Development Corporation on new Age courses for 2020 -2022
  • Advisory committee Member, Internet Society Foundation USA, IEEE Philanthropy , India
  • Excom Member, IEEE -Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technologies, Bangalore
  • Technical Advisor Digi vet care Pvt Limited, New Delhi
  • Academic Advisory Committee Member, Bhrigu Academy of E Learning, Bangalore

Professional Services:

  • Associate Editor: Journal of Computational Mathematica (http://www.shcpub.edu.in/maths_editorial/)
  • Reviewer : Journal of Management and Labour Studies (MLS, XLRI, Sage Publishing) and others
  • Mc-Graw Hill : (Books) in the areas of Theoretical Computer Science
  • Springer :   Journal of Financial Innovation- USA- Springer
  • Journal of Medicine and Health Research
  • Inderscience, International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management
  • Springer : Multimedia Tools and Applications

    • MV C Rao, B Satyanarayna, K A Venkatesh Sriman Naryana, “The minimum absolute deviation covering distance energy of graph” 2nd International Conference on Advanced Information Scientific Development (ICAIS)2021
    • Absolute deviation symmetric division degree energy of graphs, 2nd International Conference on Advanced Information Scientific Development (ICAIS)2021
    • J Jose, K A Venkatesh, Pseudo color Region Features for Plant Disease Detection, at IEEE Conference (ICON 2021) at Nagarjuna College of Engineering, Bangalore
    • T Thansini, C Kalaiarasan, K A Venkatesh, “ Cloud Service Provider Selection using Fuzzy Topsis, at IEEE Conference (ICON 2021), Nagarjuna College of Engineering, Bangalore
    • S Shunmugam, N Vasudev, Ravi KN, K A Venkatesh, “Applicability of multiple regression analysis for the prediction of pollution performance of HVAC insulators” at International conference on HVAC, Czech Republic, 2015