Dr. Julien Paret

Director, Alliance Centre for Eurasian Studies

Department of Language & Literature

Dr. Julien Paret is a versatile scholar with a cross-disciplinary outlook specialized in Russian and Eurasian affairs. He received his Ph.D. in Post-Soviet studies (languages, cultures, and politics) from Paris-Sorbonne & National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INALCO) and holds a master’s degree in liberal arts & travel management from Paris-Sorbonne as well as a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts & linguistics from Jean Moulin Lyon III.

Dr. Paret is primarily involved in research on Russian and Eurasian politics, his work lies at the intersection of history, philosophy, and international relations. He is especially interested in Russia’s pivot to the Asia-Pacific region as well as in Russia’s approach to information warfare. Well-versed in Soviet and Post-soviet subcultures and political margins.

Dr. Paret has worked in several countries such as France, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Japan. He has taught and supervised groups at schools, universities, and institutes for a broad variety of subjects: foreign languages (Russian, French, English), history, literature, international relations, and communication studies.

  • Beyond Aul and University: Eurasian Episteme of Education in Kazakhstan [Meždu aulom i universitetom: k evrazijskoj èpisteme nau?noj pedagogiki v Respublike Kazahstan]. In: KarGU Press, Karaganda, 2012, pp. 40- 49.
  • The Impossible Parrhesia: Language Teachers' Discourse Strategies Between Production of Ideology and Ideology of Production. In: KarGU Press, Karaganda, 2013, pp. 254-256.
  • The Revolution That Will Not Happen: The Ukrainian Left Between Two Conflicting Flows [La révolution n’aura pas lieu : la gauche ukrainienne à la confluence de deux courants contraires]. In: Sens public, Vol. 17-18, 2015, pp. 41-63, https://www.cairn.info/revuecahiers-sens-public-2014-1- page-41.html
  • Cyberia: The Digital Monads of The Autobiographical “I” [Cyberia : les monades informatiques du « je » autobiographique]. In: Slovo, 2017, pp. 91-112, https://slovo.episciences.org/32 40/pdf
  • From The Punk-Rock Scene to The Battlefied: The Metamodernist Aesthetics of Egor Letov as a Polemological Field of Political Extremism in Post-Soviet Russia [Des concerts de punk aux champs de bataille : l'esthétique métamoderne de Egor Letov comme champ polémologique des radicalités politiques dans la Russie postsoviétique].
  • "Lûber Über Alles": Building Muscles and Sculpting Body in The Name of Violent Nationalism and Russian Socialism ["Lûber Über Alles" : la violence sculptée dans le muscle au nom du socialisme russe].
  • GrOb Records or Egor Letov’s Conception of DIY: The Weaponization of An Olimp OO3 Record Tape and the Launch of a Red-Brown Insurrection from an Underground Recording Studio [GrOb Records ou le DIY à la mode Egor Letov: la transformation en arme par destination d'un magnétophone Olimp 003 et la création d'un foyer de protestation rouge-brun à l'intérieur d'un studio d'enregistrement clandestin].

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