Dr. Chetan J. Shelke

Associate Professor

Alliance College of Engineering and Design

Dr. Chetan J. Shelke holds a Master’s degree(M.E) in Information Technolgy from PRMIT, Badnera ,SGBAU Amravati University. After a two year stint in the college, Dr. Chetan joined the P.R.Pote(Patil) Group of Educational Institutions and worked as head of Dept. (Information Technology) for 10 years, and obtained his Ph.D. from Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati.

He currently works as an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Technology. His areas of interest include android security and network security.

He has presented and published more than 40 papers in national and international conferences/ journals in his areas of specialization). He has published 6 patents.

  • Awarded by ASTESJ and felicitated with Review Membership in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal
  • Bestowed with the ASR Membership by Asia Society of Researchers
  • Bestowed with a Merit Certificate from Amravati University

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  • “Implementation of Anonymous and Secure Communication System with Group Signature: A Review” published in IJARIIT (ISS No: 2454-132X) 
  • “An Image Based Approach of IRISH Recognition for Person identification using Segmentation Algorithm” published in IJIRCCE (ISS No: 2320-979) 
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Patents Publications
  • Patent: Patent Publication date: 01/06/2018, Title of the invention: SECURED FRAMEWORK AGAINSTAPPLICATION INSTALLATION ATTACKS, Country Patent number: 201821010943 filed on dated 25/03/18 and published on 01/06/18
  • Patent: Patent Publication date: 19/07/2019, Title of the invention: Method for Detecting and Restoration of the crack Digital  Images, Country Patent number :201921025348
  • Patent: Patent Publication date: 9/08/2019, Title of the invention: System of Heat Sink Motor Control For Consumer Electronic Devices Country Patent number :201921025348
  • Patent: Patent Publication date: 9/08/2019, Title of the invention: System of Smart Multi-Functional Traffic Light Using organic Solar Cell , Country Patent number :201941029525
  • Patent: Patent Publication date: 16/08/2019, Title of the invention: Method of Management of Computing Workload In the Networked Hosts Using Artificial Network , Country Patent number :201911030347
  • DST Project: Completed the project for blind people for The Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology in India
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