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Dr. Balram Rao

Assistant Professor

Department of Economics

Dr. Balram Rao holds a doctoral degree in Economics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IIT-R). His research work focused on the “Labour Conditions and Employment Relations in Construction Industry” involving both public and private sector organizations (MNCs) having large construction projects spread across Delhi NCR Urban Agglomeration and beyond. Dr. Rao holds a first class B.A. (Economics) and a Master’s degree in Development Economics from Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD). During his master’s dissertation, he had undertaken a study on ‘Impact of Shifting of Industry from non-conforming Industrial areas on migrant workers’ livelihood’ in Delhi. He also holds a Certificate in Enterprise Management from the Department of Management Studies (DoMS), Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D). Soon after that he joined as a management trainee in Sona Koya Group where he learnt modern HR practices as well as product value additions. Before joining the doctoral program, he had industrial work experience of around 10 years working as manager to consultant in various organizations, having Pan-South Asia operations. He reverted to academia when he got an award from MHRD (Govt. of India) as well as IIT-R Teaching Fellowship to teach and pursue his doctoral studies. During his six years stint at the Premier Institute, he was associated as a Teaching Associate in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), IIT Roorkee, for various undergraduate and integrated post graduate programs.

After obtaining his doctoral degree, Dr. Rao got a campus offer to work as a Research Consultant cum Advisor for an Educational Assessment Project at the National Productivity Council (NPC), Govt. of India and then later joined as Social Scientist cum Research Project Co-coordinator in a project titled “Conditions of Weavers and Allied Workers in Handloom Industry’ in collaboration with the International Labor Organization at the Indian Social Institute, New Delhi. At the institute level, he delivered lectures on research methods and guided many junior researchers and interns from various universities such as JNU, DU, AUD, JAMIA, AMITY etc., for conducting both field research studies and projects.

Over the years, Dr. Rao has been invited, and participated and published several research papers in various national and international journals/conference proceedings/seminars and workshops, organized by the research institutes of international repute including, SARNET-ILO, IDRC, IZA / World Bank-Higher School of Economics National Research University-Moscow, JNU-DU-VVGNLI, ISS-The Hague, University of Rotterdam, University of Namur, Belgium, CERAS-Paris, World Labour Conference, Berlin etc.

Select Papers Presented at Various International/ National Conferences /Seminars

  • Right to Work and Future challenges of Rural Youth in India’ at the World Labour Conference organised jointly by Institute of Labour Studies, Germany and Bernard College, United States of America at Dbb Forum, Berlin on June 28-29, 2018.
  • Social Exclusion, Caste and Educational Attainments of Urban Poor Children’ with co-author during National Seminar on “Poverty and Social Exclusion: A life Course Perspective” organised by Dr. Ambedkar Chair in Social Justice, Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) in collaboration with Lokashray Foundation and TERI School of Advance Studies at IIPA Campus New Delhi on April 12-13, 2018.
  • Impact of ‘Right To Work’ On Compliance Of Minimum Wages at International April Conference on Social and Economic Development organized jointly by the World Bank and National Research University of Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia, April 13-15, 2017
  • Neoliberalism and Labor Relations: Is It Change or Continum?” presented in World Bank Funded Conference on ‘Emerging labour Relations and Policy Interventions in post liberalized markets at the National Research University of Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia during April 10-12, 2017.
  • International Conference on ‘Development Dialogue’ and International Seminar on “Responsibility and Accountability in Emerging Markets” at International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 10-18 Oct., 2017.
  • Emerging Trends of Industrial-Labor Relations in Construction Industry at the 7th National Industrial Relations Conference on Changing IR, changing times: Make in India and Ensuing Labour Reforms, organized by XLRI, & International Labour Organization(ILO) at XLRI, Jamshedpur, India, 9-10 January 2016.
  • Efficacy of New CSR to improve the Labour Practices in Construction Industry: Empirical Evidences from Delhi NCR’ at National Seminar on CSR organized by the Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID), Chandigarh in March 2015.
  • Re-Examination of Employment Guarantee and the Emerging Gender Dimensions of Rural Non-Farm Employment at the 55th ISLE Conference of Indian Society of Labor Economics organized at Jawaharlal Nehru University on 15-18 December 2013
  • Political Economy of Labor Reforms: An Empirical Case of Construction Workers’ at 56th annual Labor Conference organized by the Indian Society of Labour Economics at Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi, Nov. 2014
  • Role of MGNREGS in Containing Distress Migration” at National Seminar on MDGs and Rural Development in India: Policy Initiatives, Targets and Achievements organized by Centre for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, National Institute of Rural Development, Rajendernagar (Hyderabad) on 19-20th Feb 2013.
  • Migration and Urbanization—Exclusionary and Inclusionary process at National Seminar on Demographic Transition and Inclusive Development Organized by International Institute of Population Sciences, Mumbai in Collaboration with Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkatta, at ISI Complex Kolkatta (15-17 Mar15-17, 2012).
  • Gender Discrimination, Social Exclusion and Development’ at ECONference 2012 organized by Department of Economic at Burdwan University (West Bengal), India (28-29 Mar 2012).
  • National Seminar on Social Group Statistics and Present Statistical System Emerging Policy Issues, Data Needs and Reforms, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. (23 February.2012).
  • Migration and Urbanization—In (Ex)-clusionary process at Demographic Transition and Inclusive Development, International Institute of Population Sciences, Mumbai in Collaboration with Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, at ISI Complex Kolkata, Mar.15-17, 2012.
  • Labor Market Flexibility and Working poverty’ in India presented & published at an International conference on ‘Globalization and Poverty Alleviation Programs in Developing Countries jointly organized by George Washington University and Kurukshetra University at KUK Campus, on 20th Oct 2012.
  • The Impact ofGlobalization on Income and Employment in India’ presented & publishedat an International Seminar on Economic, Social & Environmental Challenges of Globalization organized by Department of Economics, St. Bede's College Shimla in association with Indian Economic Association (IEA) on 6th Oct 2012.
  • Social Exclusion in India in Context of Globalization published in Annual Conference of Indian Political Economic Association (IPEA) organized by the Dept. of Humanities & Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee India on 26-27 Oct 2012
  • Migration led Urbanization: Is the New Globalized Location better for Improved Livelihood Strategy’ National Seminar on Population Health and Environment organized jointly by International Institute of Populations Studies and Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIPS & IIFM) at IIFM campus Bhopal (21-23 March, 2013)

Articles Published
  • Women Empowerment and Sustainable Development-co-authored). Hashiye ki Awaj New Delhi, October.2017, pp.8-10 (ISSN NO.)
  • Affirmative actions and Social Change in India, Subaltern, New Delhi, July- Sept. 2018

  • Social Entrepreneurship-Working Towards Greater Inclusiveness, ‘Social Action’, Vol. 68, No.1, pp.106-108 (Jan-March 2018: ISSN 0037-7627 & UGC approved No.41612)
  • Emerging Trends of Industrial-Labour Relations in Construction Industry- with Prof. S.P. Singh, Proceeding Journal of 7th National Industrial Relations, XLRI, Jamshedpur January 2016
  • Spillover Effect of Rural ‘Right to Work’ on labour Relations in Construction Industry-- with Prof. S.P. Singh. Indian Society of Labor Economics Vol. 57th (pp.124-126), December 2015.
  • Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and Labour Market in India: An Empirical Study of One of the Largest Province - with Prof. S.P. Singh. Asian Journal of Development and Governance, 1(1), 55-81.ISSN No: 2409-0670, July 2015
  • Governance of Right To Work and Structural Change in Rural Labor market-- with Prof. S.P. Singh. IMS Management Journal, 7(1), 25-46. Kolkata, ISSN: 0975-0800 Vol 7, January, 2015.
  • Precariousness of Women’s Livelihood in Urban Informal Labour Market: Empirical Evidences from Delhi NCR. Women’s Link, 21(1), 36-41. ISSN NO-2229-6409 & RNI No./61714/95, Oct.2015
  • CSR and Construction Industry: Can It Transform the Labor Relations-- with Prof. S.P. Singh International Journal of Organizational Behaviour and Management Perspectives, 3(4), 1303-1314. ISSN (Print):2279-0950, (Online): 2279-0969. Impact factors: 5.085 (2013)-6.782 (2015). Mar.2014
  • Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development. International Journal of Entrepreneurship & Business Environment Perspectives, 2(1), 311-314, ISSN (Print):2279-0918, (Online): 2279-0926. Impact factors: 5.085 (2013)-6.782 (2015).
Research Papers Published in Conference Proceedings (Available as Online or ISBN no)
  • Social Exclusion in Context of Globalization-with Dr. Babita Sinha. 18th IEPA conference Proceeding held at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee (available online at pp.318-329, May 2012
  • New CSR Paradigm: The Challenges and Opportunities for Inclusion of Unorganized Construction Workers -- with Prof. S.P. Singh published in Delhi University conference proceedings on Challenges of Development: Re-Visiting to Inclusiveness. Delhi: A.K. Publications. ISBN No.: 978-93-83334-51-3, Nov.2014
  • Is it Continuum or Change? Labour Process in 21st Century Construction Industry-- with Prof. S.P. Singh Proceedings of UGC Sponsored National Conference on Emerging Challenges & Opportunities in Business & Economic Environment (pp.90-91). New Delhi: Bharti Publications. ISBN No.: 978-93-85000-45-4, Dec 2015
  • Marginal Workers in MGNREGS and Challenges of Inclusiveness: A Case of UP”- with Prof. S.P. Singh published in Delhi University conference proceedings on Challenges of Development: Re-Visiting to Inclusiveness. Delhi: A.K.Publications. ISBN No.: 978-93-83334-51-3 July 2014
Book Chapters Publications
  • Efficacy of CSR on Labour Practices in Construction Industry: Empirical Evidences from Delhi NCR’-- with Prof. S.P. Singh, in R.S Ghuman & Sharma (Eds.), Corporate Social responsibility in India: Question for Socio-Economic Transformation (pp.145-180). Chandigarh: Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID). ISBN No.: 978-81-85835-79-9. Mar.2016
  • Emerging Trends of Industrial-Labour Relations in Construction Industry-with Prof. S.P. Singh ‘In Changing IR, changing times: Make in India and Ensuing Labour Reforms, New Delhi: Excel India Publishers. ISBN No.: 978-93-85777-11-0 Feb 2016
  • Changing Dynamics of African Development and Strategic Role for India in Africa -- with Prof. S.P. Singh In A.S Yaruingam & Rashmi Kapoor (Eds.), The Rising Africa: Opportunities and Challenges for India (pp. 101-122). Delhi: Centre for African studies, Department of African Studies, University of Delhi. ISBN No.: 978-93-5174-945-5. Sept.2015
  • Implication of New CSR Regulations in the Construction Industry’s Labour Relations in Gupta et al.(Eds) Corporate Social Responsibility: Expectations, Reality & Challenges (pp. 50-79). University of Delhi: Wisdom Publications. ISBN No.: 978-93-81505-88-5. Dec.2014
  • New CSR Paradigm: The Challenges and Opportunities for Inclusion of Unorganized Construction Workers- with Prof. S.P. Singh in Masroor Ahmad Beg (Eds), The Contemporary Issues in Corporate Social Responsibility & Green Growth (pp. 198-229). Delhi: Bharti Publications.ISBN:97893812125, 2-3 Dec.2014

Research Events / Workshops Attended
  • Invited at the ILO Sponsored research workshop on ‘climate change and future of labor’ jointly organized by CERAS and Namur University, Belgium at Paris during 18-21 June 2018.
  • Round table Workshop on SDG Goals-Poverty Elimination and Doubling of Farmers Income, organized by RIS, Govt. of India and World Food Program at India Habitat Centre, May 9, 2018
  • Recently Invited to Chair an International Conference Session and Panel discussion on “Compliance of Labor Regulations, Women Empowerment and Accountability of State “at Amity University Law College, Noida (UP) during 2-3 Feb.2018.
  • World Bank Funded Research Workshop on ‘Emerging Labor Relations and Policy Interventions in post liberalized Markets at the National Research University of Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia during April 11-12, 2017
  • Delivered a session on Field Work-Research Methods, during Research Methodology Workshop organized by Indian Social Institute, New Delhi on 12-14 Sept 2017
  • Participated in "2nd SARNET Programme for Young South Asian Scholars" on ‘Labour Economics: Theories, Methodologies and Research Issues’ organized by IHD and International Labor Organization (ILO) at New Delhi under the auspices of South Asia Research Network on Employment and Social Protection for Inclusive Growth (SARNET) during 2-13 December 2014.
  • Invited at International Policy Evaluation Workshop cum Policy Discussions Forum on South Asian cum Global South Labour Market, organized jointly by IZA, Germany, DFID and World Bank at Dhaka (Bangladesh) during December16-21, 2015.
  • Invited to participate in 15th Development-Dialogue Workshop Event at International Social Institute, The Hague (Erasmus University) the Netherlands (Oct 2017).
  • Participated in workshop cum training program on ‘Approaches in Research on Migration Issues’ at the Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum during 24th - 28th March 2014.
  • ‘Workshop on Audio-Visual Media as a Tool in Research’ at institute for Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi during November 24-29, 2014.Critical Approaches in Research Methodology of Management Studies at IIT Roorkee (2013).
  • Participated in Research Methodology workshop of 20 days on ‘labour Issues’ during Feb 2012 at V.V.Giri National Labor Institute, NOIDA and Jan 21-03 Feb.2012
  • Invited to a National Dialogue on Social Group Statistics and Present Statistical System Emerging Policy Issues, Data Needs and Reforms, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. On 23. February.2012.
  • Participated in a 10 days ICSSR Workshop on ‘Research Methods in Social Sciences at Delhi University Dec.2-11, 2012.