Dr. B. Padmapriya


Alliance School of Business

Dr. B. Padmapriya is a Doctorate in Management from MP Bhoj University and a Fellow Member of the Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of India. She holds an M.Phil. from Alagappa University and Bachelor of Commerce from Osmania University. She began her career as an accounting professional in the industry and later moved to auditing profession. She has conducted statutory, internal, and concurrent audits of various companies both in the private and public sectors including the Banking sector.

Dr. Padmapriya then moved to Academics as a Finance Faculty for MBA and since then has taken up multiple roles in academia as an instructor and administrator. She has published several research papers in national and international journals, and has guided Ph.D. students.

Research Papers:

  • Chaklader, B., & Padmapriya, B. (2021). Impact of cash surplus on firm’s capital structure: validation of pecking order theory. Managerial Finance, Vol. 47 No. 12, pp. 1801-1816. (ABDC B category). DOI:https://doi.org/10.1108/MF-08-2020-0417.
  • Verma Anant; Khan, Mohammad; Padmapriya, B (2020). Factors affecting work-life balance in Hospitality and Tourism sector: An exploratory factor analysis. Shodh Sarita, ISSN - 2348-2397 Vol. 7, Issue 26 (II), April-June, 2020 Page Nos. 252-263.UGC Care
  • Padmapriya, B; Ramanathan, M, (2018). Life Cycle Costing & Analysis with special reference to Hydropower Projects - A Cost Management tool for economic assessment. International research journal of Management and Commerce, ISSN (2348-9766), Volume 5, Issue 3, pg. 292 to 301.
  • Padmapriya, B; Verma, Anant, (2017). A Study of Work-Life Balance from the perspective of Hospitality Employees. International Research Journal of Human Resource and Social Sciences. ISSN (O): 2349-4085, ISSN (P): 2394-4218, Vol 4, Issue 7.
  • Padmapriya, B; Dwivedi, Priya, (2017). Trend Analysis of Foreign Capital with special reference to FDI into India GE-International Journal of Management Research, Vol.5, issue 4, 35-43, ISSN: O (232L-1709) ISSN: P (2394-42261).
  • Padmapriya, B. (2015). Importance of FDI flow into research and development sector in India. Advances in Economics and Business Management (AEBM), Vol 2, Issue 14, p - ISSN: 2394-1545, e-ISSN: 2394-1553
  • Padmapriya, B. (2014). Case Lets On Some Important Sectors of Government / Public Sector Enterprises Where Outsourcing Has Shown Distinct Advantages. Jagran International Journal on contemporary research. ISSN 2320 -9372, Print, Vol 4 Issue 3, pp 108 -114.
  • Padmapriya, B. (2014). A Study of Global Perspective of Outsourcing Practices. International Journal of Management. ISSN no 0976-6502 (Print), ISSN No 0976-6510 (online), Vol 5, Issue 7, pp 30-43.
  • Padmapriya, B. (2014). A study of vendor satisfaction in outsourcing in large scale public sector enterprise. International Journal of Management, ISSN no 0976-6502 (Print), ISSN No 0976-6510 online, Vol 5, Issue 7, pp 16-29
  • Padmapriya, B. (2014). Analysis and resolution of problems experienced in government / public sector enterprises during outsourcing. International journal of advanced research in management, ISSN no 0976-6324 (Print), ISSN No 0976-6322 online, Vol 5, Issue 3, pp 20-32

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