Dr. Athul Joseph

Assistant Professor

Alliance College of Engineering and Design

Dr. Athul Joseph holds a Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore in Aerospace Engineering. His doctoral thesis was related to characterization fuel sprays used in aerospace engines. One part of his thesis work has been published in ASME Journal of fluid engineering. He has done his ME and BE degrees in Aeronautical Engineering from Anna University. He has almost a decade of experience in research and teaching.

Dr. Joseph teaches subjects such as incompressible aerodynamics, compressible aerodynamics, aircraft performance, airbreathing propulsion, rocket propulsion, aero engine design etc. His areas of interests are spray characterization of aerospace injectors, low and high-speed aerodynamics, turbomachines etc. He has presented his work in international conferences in India and abroad. He is also an active sports person and has secured medals in Anna University zonal and interzonal athletics meets.

  • Joseph, A., Sakthikumar, R., and Sivakumar, D. "Experimental Characterization of Sprays in a Recessed Gas-Centered Swirl Coaxial Atomizer." ASME. J. Fluids Eng, 2020, 142(4), pp. 041206.

  • Athul Joseph, Nandagopalan, P., Tharakan, T.J. and Sivakumar, D., “Effect of Orifice Recess on the Droplet Size Distribution of Sprays Discharging from Gas-Centered Swirl Coaxial Atomizers”, 2017, Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power–Contemporary Research, Springer, New Delhi, pp. 1091-1100.
  • Athul Joseph, R. Sakthikumar and D. Sivakumar, “Characterization of Sprays Discharging from Gas-Centered Swirl Coaxial (GCSC) Atomizer Using PDI”, 18th Annual Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems-Asia, Nov 6-9, 2016, Chennai, India.
  • Athul Joseph, R. Sakthikumar and D. Sivakumar, “Liquid Sheet Breakup in Recessed Gas-Centered Swirl Coaxial (GCSC) Atomizers”, 27th Annual Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems-Europe, Sept 4-7, 2016, Brighton, UK.
  • Athul Joseph and D. Sivakumar, “Effect of orifice recess on the characteristics of sprays discharging from Gas-Centered Swirl Coaxial atomizers”, 1st Aerospace Research Students Symposium (ARSS – 1), July 11-13, 2016, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

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