Dr. Ashes Banerjee

Assistant Professor

Alliance College of Engineering and Design

Dr. Ashes Banerjee received his Ph.D. from the Dept. of Civil Engineering, IIT (ISM), Dhanbad or his thesis titled “Applicability and Behavior of the Forchheimer and Wilkins equations for the Velocity and Hydraulic Gradient Characteristic in Post-Laminar Flow through Porous Media subjected to Parallel and Convergent Boundaries”. Dr. Banerjee has held Post-doctoral fellowship at IIT Guwahati. Prior to his Ph.D., Dr. Banerjee has served in the capacity of lecturer of Civil Engineering at an institute under West Bengal State Council of Technical Education where he was also a Board Examiner.  His primary areas of research include non-linear filtration in porous media and Socio-hydrology.?

Dr. Ashes has published various research papers in high impact internationally reputed SCI journals and has presented his research work in international conferences. He has received the best paper award at the International Conference on Water, Environment, Energy and Society organized by AISCTE University and Texas A & M University.

Peer Reviewed International SCI Journals:

  • Ashes Banerjee, Srinivas Pasupuleti, Koushik Mondal, and M. Mousavi Nezhad, (2021) "Application of data driven machine learning approach for modelling of non-linear filtration through granular porous media." International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 179, 121650. (Elsevier, SCI, I.F: 584)
  • Laveti N.V. Satish, Ashes Banerjee, Suresh A. Kartha, Subashisa Dutta, (2021) “Anthropogenic Influence on Monthly Groundwater Utilization in an Irrigation Dominated Ganga River Sub-Basin.” Journal of Hydrology, 593, 125800, ISSN 0022-1694. (Elsevier, SCI, I.F: 72)
  • Ashes Banerjee, Srinivas Pasupuleti, Mritunjay Kumar Singh, Dandu Jagan Mohan (2021), Modeling the Influence of Fluid Viscosity and Flow Transition over Non-Linear Filtration through Porous Media , Journal of Earth System Science, Springer, (Accepted)
  • Ashes Banerjee, Srinivas Pasupuleti, Vasant Govind Kumar Villuri, Abhay Kumar Pushkar, Rajesh Nune, Subashisa Dutta (2021), Nonlinear Filtration through Stratified Porous Media: an Experimental Approach to Model the Volumetric Flow Rate and Pressure Drop Relationship. Journal of Porous Media, 24(10). (SCI, Begell House, IF:1.752 )
  • Purushottam Agarwal, Alok Sinha, Satish Kumar, Ankit Agarwal, Ashes Banerjee, Vasanta Govind Kuma Villuri, Chandra Sekhara Rao Annavarapu, Rajesh Dwivedi, Vijaya Vardhan Reddy Dera, Jitendra Sinha, Srinivas Pasupuleti, (2021) (2021). “Exploring Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Groundwater Quality Assessment”. Water, 13(9), 1172.( MDPI, SCI, I.F: 3.103 )
  • Ashes Banerjee, Srinivas Pasupuleti, Mritunjay Kumar Singh, Sekhar Chandra Dutta & G. N. Pradeep Kumar (2019). "Modeling of Flow through Porous Media over the Complete Flow Regime." Transport in Porous Media, 129 (1), 1-23. (Springer, SCI, I.F: 3.019)
  • Ashes Banerjee, Srinivas Pasupuleti, (2019). "Effect of convergent boundaries on post laminar flow through porous media." Powder Technology, 342, 288-300. (Elsevier, SCI, I.F: 5.134)
  • Ashes Banerjee, Srinivas Pasupuleti, Mritunjay Kumar Singh & G. N. Pradeep Kumar (2018). "An Investigation of Parallel Post-Laminar Flow through Coarse Granular Porous Media with the Wilkins Equation." Energies, 11 (2), 320. (MDPI, SCIE, I.F: 3.004)
  • Ashes Banerjee, Srinivas Pasupuleti, Mritunjay Kumar Singh & Kumar, G.N.P (2018). "A study on the Wilkins and Forchheimer equations used in coarse granular media flow." Acta Geophysica, 66 (1), 81-91. (Springer, SCIE, I.F: 054)

Book Chapters: 

  • Ashes Banerjee, Srinivas Pasupuleti., G. N. Pradeep Kumar and Sekhar Chandra Dutta (2018) “A Three dimensional CFD simulation for the non-linear parallel flow phenomena through coarse granular porous media” Applications of Fluid Dynamics, Lecture notes in Mechanical Engineering. Springer (Scopus), 469-480.
  • Ashes Banerjee, Srinivas Pasupuleti., G. N. Pradeep Kumar (2018) “A critical study on the applicability of Forchheimer and Wilkins equations for non-linear flow through coarse granular media” Water Quality Management, Selected Proceedings of ICWEES-2016, Vol. 79, 307-316.

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