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Dr. Arindam Das

Associate Professor

Department of Language & Literature

Dr. Arindam Das has more than 17 years of experience in research, teaching, and industry. He has taught at places like ICFAI University, International Management Institute (Kolkata) and at various colleges under MAKAUT, West Bengal.

With expertise in culture studies and critical organizational communication, his recent research interests include consumer culture studies, critical marketing communication and critical organizational discourses.

Awards and Recognitions
  • He is a recipient of the “Australia India Council Australian Studies Fellowship” in 2010-11. As a part of the program he was a Fellow at the University of New South Wales, Sydney; Monash University, Melbourne; University of South Australia, Adelaide; University of Queensland, Brisbane and Australian National University, Canberra
  • He was nominated and fully funded by Monash University, Melbourne to represent the academia doing research in Australian studies in India and deliver a paper at the first world conference in Australian Studies at Monash University, Prato Centre, Italy (September 2010)
  • Two of his critical works in Australian literature have been paraphrased, reviewed and highly recommended in YWES (a qualitative narrative bibliographical review) (2016) Volume. 96.1, 2017 (The Year's Work in English Studies, Oxford University Press, UK)

Select Journal Articles:

  • (2012). “Resisting De-racination, Reviving Identity: Re-Reading Kim Scott’s True Country.” Rupkatha Journal: On Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities. 4.2.:144-52. Web. (Scopus, Q2, ABDC N/A, WoS indexed).
  • (2020). “‘Making and Unmaking’: The Project of Colonial Nation-State and Counter Discursive Strategy of Ethnonation in Benang.” Journal of Postcolonial Writing (Taylor & Francis; Scopus Q1, ABDC N/A, WoS indexed). 56.1: 43-56.

Select Book Chapters:

  • (2011). “Bollywood in Australian Style: Re-imagining the Nation’s Multiculturalism through Silver Screen.” Landscape, Place and Culture: Linkages between Australia and India. Eds. Deb N. Bandyopadhyay, Paul Brown and Christopher Conti. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press, 160-75.
  • (2014). “‘Ethnonationalism’, ‘Strategic Essentialism’ and Aboriginal Identity Formation: Corroboree as Case Study.” Globalisation: Australian-Asian Perspectives. Eds. Cynthia vanden Driesen and T. Vijay Kumar. New Delhi: Atlantic Publishers and Distributors, 215-229.
  • (2014). “Mediating Image of a Lost Motherland: Chutney-Soca and Indo- Caribbean Diaspora.” Transnational Literature: Emergence of Transnational Literature. Ed. Keya Majumdar. New Delhi: Prestige Books International, 162-74.
  • (2015) “(Un)Straightening Heterosexism: The Counter Discourse of LGBT Magazines and Newsletters of India.” Outside the British Canon: Reading Literatures from Former European Colonies. Ed. Sarbojit Biswas. Jaipur: AADI Publications, 114-21.
  • (2016). “Wreck/Con/Silly/Nation”: “Mimicry,” “Strategic Essentialism,” and the “Friendly Frontier” of Scott’s That Deadman Dance. A Critical Companion to Kim Scott. Ed. Belinda Wheeler. New York: Camden House/Boydell and Brewer, 61-73. 4 / 7
  • (2021). “From Asansol to Sydney: Terry Morris, Microhistory and Hybrid Identity.” Anglo-Indian Identity: Past and Present, in India and the Diaspora. Eds. Robyn Andrews and Merin Simi Raj. Cham (Switzerland): Palgrave Macmillan. 231-50.
  • “Possibilities through ‘Strategic Essentialism’: Adani TNC and Protest and Negotiation Discourses in Australia.” Ed. Paul Sharrad. Palgrave Macmillan. (Accepted)

Book Publication:

  • Postcolonial Marketing Communication. Eds. Arindam Das, Ozlem Sandikci Turkdogan; Himadri Roy Chaudhuri. (Proposal accepted by Springer Nature).

Journal Editorial Work:

  • Guest Co-Editor of Special Issue (“Pandemics and Consumer Well-being”) in the Journal of Consumer Affairs. (Wiley Online Library; Impact Factor 1.733; Scopus Q1, ABDC A, WoS indexed)
  • Guest Co-Editor of Special Issue (“Consumption Culture and Sustainability Discourses”) Sustainability (MDPI; Impact Factor 2.37, Scopus Q1, ABDC N/A, WoS indexed)
  • Guest Co-Editor of Special Issue on “Communication in Global Crises: Critical Discourses on Consumption, Culture, Power, and Resistance” in the Journal Consumption, Markets and Culture (Taylor & Francis; Impact Factor 1.516, Scopus Q1, ABDC B, WoS indexed)

Published Newspaper & Magazine Articles:

  •  “AI can’t Completely Rule out Human Cognition.” Deccan Herald. 08 April 2019
  • “Management’s Soft Angle.” The Tribune. 10 April 2019
  • “Soft Skills to the Rescue.” The Pioneer. 17 April 2019
  • “Law in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.” Business World: Education. 20 April 2019

FDPs and Workshops Conducted:

  • Resource Person at a Two-day Workshop on English Communicative Skills for English Teachers from across the Eastern Region of India at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalay, Durgapur (2011). 
  • Resource Person at a One-Day Workshop on “Writing Skills for Academic Excellence” at Bankura University, July 2015.
  • Sole Resource Person at one-day Faculty Development Programme on Qualitative Research Methods in Management Studies conducted at CMS Business School, Jain University, Bangalore, 21/06/2019
  • Resource Person at UGC-Refresher Course organized by Dept. of English, Madras University. Topic: "Culinary Consumption Culture, Identity and Hybridity" (2020)

Select Conference Proceedings:

  • Das, Arindam, Himadri Roy Chaudhuri and Apoorv Khare. (2018). “The Middle Class and the Market: Imagery Rhetoric from Colonial to Nehruvian India.” 43rd Macromarketing Conference, Leipzig, Germany. (International)
  • Das, Arindam, Frithiof Sevenson, Markus Arthur Launer and Himadri Roy Chaudhuri. (2020). “Decision Making Style and Trusting Stance at Workplace: A Socio-Cultural Approach” Communities in New Media: From Hybrid Realities to Hybrid Communities Proceedings of 23rd Conference GeNeMe, Dresden, Germany. 217-225. (International; Scopus indexed)
  • "Posthuman Organizations and Digital Trust." Digital Trust and Intuition at Workplace: 4th Service Management Congress, Ostafalia University of Applied Sciences, Suderburg, Germany. (International; to be Scopus indexed, full paper accepted for publication)

Select Conference Presentations:

  • "Translating Indianness to Ausiness: Building the Multicultural Nation through Bollywood." Monash University Prato Centre, Italy. (2010)
  • "Commodifying the Classical: Re-visioning Sanskritized Culture in Australia." Indian Association for the Study of Australia (Eastern Region), Australian Government, Australia India Council and Monash University, Melbourne. (2015)
  • “Postnational Satire: Honest Government Ads and Incredulity unto the Grand Discourses of Australian Nation-State." Indian Association for the Study of Australia, Eastern Region & Wollongong University, Australia. (2018)
  • “Chutney Mary: Rethinking Identity through their Culinary Consumption Culture." Dept. of Humanities and Social Science, IIT, Madras. (2018)
  • "Legitimization of Environmental Exploitation: Developmental Discourses in Indian/Australia Corporate Storytelling." Indian Association for Study of Australia (Eastern Region), Australian National University and Wollongong University. (2019)