Dr. Andrea Lorenzo Baldini


Alliance School of Liberal Arts

Dr. Andrea Lorenzo Baldini studied as a Fulbright Fellow at the Department of Philosophy at Temple University in Philadelphia (USA), where he obtained a Ph.D. He also holds a Ph.D. in Texts Sciences from the University of Siena, Italy. He has distinctly interdisciplinary research interests, which lie at the intersection of aesthetics, cultural studies, intellectual property law, and visual culture. In particular, his work focuses on how creativity can influence our everyday practices, while imbuing them with meaning(s).

Dr. Baldini has written extensively on street art, graffiti, and the politics of public space. His recent articles appeared in Contemporary Aesthetics, Estetika: The European Journal of Aesthetics, and The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism. He is a recipient of multiple awards and fellowships including the “Top Paper in Urban Communication Award” from the National Communication Association (NCA). He has been elected Delegate-at-Large of the International Association for Aesthetics (IAA).

Publications Books & Monographs

  • Baldini, Andrea (forthcoming) A Philosophy of Elegance (tentative title) [under preparation for Reaktion Books]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2021) Street art tra estetica e legge [Street art between aesthetics and the law], Pisa: ETS [ISBN: 8846758803]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2018) A Philosophy Guide to Street Art and the Law, Leiden: Brill [ISBN: 978-90-04-39404-9]
  • Baldini, Andrea; Rivasi, Pietro (2017) Un(Authorized)//Commissioned, Rome: WholeTrain Press [ISBN: 9788897640059] Articles



  • Baldini, Andrea (forthcoming) “What Is Street Art?” in Estetika: The European Journal of Aesthetics [E-ISSN: 2571-0915 ] [A&HCI]
  • Baldini, Andrea (forthcoming) “James Young’s Radically Rethinking Copyright” in Estetika: The European Journal of Aesthetics [E-ISSN: 2571-0915 ] [A&HCI]
  • Baldini, Andrea (forthcoming) “Art and Labor: Rethinking Creativity in a Time of Crisis” in LaRivista di Estetica [ISSN: 0035-6212] [A&HCI]
  • Baldini, Andrea (forthcoming) “Street Art vs Official Public Art: Placing Ravo’s Classicism Project in a Taxonomy of Public Art,” in La Rivista di Estetica [ISSN: 0035-6212] [A&HCI]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2021) “The East Asian Journal of Philosophy: A New Journal for a New Idea of Philosophical Dialogue,” in EAJP, 1 (1): 1–2 [ISSN: 2813-0448]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2021) “An Interview with Andrea Lorenzo Baldini (with Nathan Hirscher)” in Washington University Review of Philosophy 1: 41-52 [ISSN: 2766-4473]
  • Baldini, Andrea; Borghini, Andrea (2021) “Cooking and Dining as Forms of Public Art” in Food, Culture & Society: An International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research [ISSN: 1552-8014] [SSCI]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2020) “The Expanded Exhibition in the Post-Pandemic World: Between Virtual and Material Spaces,” in The Journal of Public Space, 5 (4): 301–312 [ISSN: 2206-9658]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2020) “Signature (and) Dishes: Spontaneity in Cooking and Graffiti Writing” in Humana Mente – Journal of Philosophical Studies: Special Issue on Recipes Between Arts and Algorithms, 13 (38): 83-110 [ISSN: 1972-1293] [ESCI]
  • Baldini, Andrea; Bonadio, Enrico (2020) “On the Ethical Foundation of Proprietary Rights: COVID-19, Public Health, and the Limits of Patents in the European Context,” in EU Law Live [ISSN: 2695-9585]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2020) “Street Art, Decorum, and the Politics of Urban Aesthetics,” in Contemporary Aesthetics: Special Volume on Urban Aesthetics [ISSN: 1932-8478] [The Philosopher’s Index, Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory, Google Scholar, EBSCO]
  • Baldini, Andrea; Bonadio, Enrico (2020) “COVID-19, Patents and the Never-Ending Tension between Proprietary Rights and the Protection of Public Health,” in European Journal of Risk Regulation 11: 390–395 doi:10.1017/err.2020.24 [ISSN: 1867-299X] [ESCI, SCOPUS,SSCI pending] - translated into French as “Covid-19 et brevets: la tension permanente entre droit de propriété et protection de la santé publique,” La Revue européenne du droit, Numéro spécial (May 2020): 29–32 [ISSN: 2740-8701]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2020) “There and Back Again: Redistributing Visibility between the Virtual and Real Alleys of Graffiti,” in Street Art & Urban Creativity Journal 5.1: 74–77 [DOAJ; NSD; SCOPUS]
  • Baldini, Andrea; Bonadio, Enrico; Andron, Sabina; Hansen, Susan (2019) “A Philosophy Guide to Street Art and the Law: Panel Discussion” in NUART Journal 3: 109–113 [ISSN: 2535-549X]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2019) [Walls and Pictures: Intermedality in Contemporary Street Art] in [Journal of Art Theory /Art History] 4: 23-31 [ISBN: 978-7-5203-5693-0]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2019) “The Public-Art Publics. An Analysis of Some Structural Differences among Public-Art Spheres,” in Open Philosophy 2: 10–21 [ISSN: 2543-8875] [PhilPapers; EBSCO]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2018) “A Philosophy Guide to Street Art and the Law,” in Brill Research Perspectives in Art and Law 2.3: 1–100 [ISSN 2648-4295]
  • Baldini, Andrea; Rivasi, Pietro (2018) “Turning the White Cube Inside Out,” in NUART Journal 1: 104–108 [ISSN: 2535-549X]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2017) “Beauty and the Behest: Distinguishing Legal and Aesthetic Judgment in the Context of 21st Century Street Art and Graffiti,” in La Rivista di Estetica 65: 91–106 [ISSN: 0035-6212] [A&HCI]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2016) “Wild Vegetables, Salsa, and Street Art. Cultural and Ecological Developments in the Chinese Provincial Landscape,” in Lo Squaderno 41: 43–46 [ISSN 1973-9141]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2016) “On the Site-Specificity of Public Art”, in Theoretical Studies in Literature and Art 36.2: 78–83 [CSSCI]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2016) “Street Art: A Reply to Riggle,” in The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 74.2: 187–191 [ISSN: 0021-8529] [A&HCI]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2016) “Quand les murs de béton muets se transforment en un carnaval de couleur: Le street art comme stratégie de résistance sociale contre le modèle commercial de la visibilité” [When the Silent Concrete Turns into a Carnival of Color: Street Art as a Strategy of Social Resistance against the Corporate Regime of Visibility], in Cahiers de Narratologie, 30 [ISSN: 1765-307X] [DOAJ, ESCI] { Baldini, Andrea (2016), in 7: 25–33 [CSSCI]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2015) “Doris Sommer’s The Work of Art in the World,” The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 73.2: 218–220 [ISSN: 0021-8529] [A&HCI]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2015) “An Urban Carnival on the City Walls: The Visual Representation of Financial Power in European Street Art,” in Journal of Visual Culture: 14.2: 246–252 [ISSN: 1470-4129] [A&HCI, SSCI]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2015) “Tom Finkelpearl’s What We Made: Conversations on Art and Social Cooperation,” Journal of Aesthetic Education, 49.4: 120–124 [ISSN:0021-8510] [A&HCI]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2014) “Historical Formalism in Music: Toward a Philosophical Theory of Musical Form,” in Contemporary Aesthetics, 12 [ISSN: 1932-8478] [The Philosopher’s Index, Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory, Google Scholar, EBSCO]
  • Baldini, Andrea; Borghini, Andrea (2013) “Dimmi da dove viene e ti dirò che cos’è” [Tell Me Where It Comes From, and I’ll Tell You What It Is], in Allegoria, 68.2: 169–184 [ISSN: 1122-1887] - reprinted in Daniele Balicco (ed.), Made in Italy e cultura: Indagine sull’identità  italiana contemporanea, Palermo: Palumbo, 2016, pp. 54–70 [ISBN 9788868893132]
  • Baldini, Andrea; Borghini, Andrea (2011) “On the Logic of Soccer Patronage,” in Soccer & Society 12: 569–585 [ISSN: 1466-0970] [CABI, EBSCO, ProQuest] { Baldini, Andrea (2008) “Bach e l’ispettore SIAE” [Bach and the Licensing Agent], in Rescogitans


           Edited Books, Collections, and Special issues

  • Baldini, Andrea, ed. (2016) “Do We All See the Same Artwork?,” Theoretical Studies in Literature and Art, Special Journal Issue on Artistic Interpretation in Cross-Cultural Contexts in Two Volumes (it includes paper by David Davies, Stephen Davies, Kathy Higgins, Joseph Margolis, and James Young), 36.1/36.2 [CSSCI] { Margolis, Joseph (2011) Ma allora, che cos’è un’opera d’arte?, A. Baldini (ed.), Milano: Mimesis [ISBN: 9788857502595]


           Book Chapters

  • Baldini, Andrea L. (forthcoming) “Street Art, Graffiti, and Tags: The Value of Imperfection in Urban Aesthetics,” in Peter Cheyne (ed.), Perfection and Imperfection in Art and Everyday Life, Abingdon, UK: Routledge
  • Baldini, Andrea (forthcoming) “Andata senza ritorno: Spartenze, libertà e trasformazioni identitarie” [There and back again: Parting, freedom and identity trasformations] in Giuseppe Sommario (ed.), SPARTENZE: Paesaggi di confine, Rossano: Ferrari
  • Baldini, Andrea (forthcoming) “Street art e conflitto colle istituzioni” [Street art and institutional conflict] in Roberto Mastroianni (ed.), Painting The City. Dipingere la città: graffitismo, pratiche urbane e street art, Milan: Meltemi/Mimesis
  • Baldini, Andrea (2021) “Silenzio e forma musicale” [Silence and musical form] in Stefano Brogi, Antonello La Vergata, and Marco Segala (eds.), Assonanze e dissonanze: Storie di filosofia, musica, scienza per Ferdinando Abbri, Pisa: ETS, pp. 127–130 [ISBN: 9788846761279]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2021) “Street Art and the Politics of Improvisation,” in Alessandro Bertinetto and Marcello Ruta (eds.), Routledge Handbook of Philosophy and Improvisation in the Arts, Abingdon, UK: Routledge, pp. 285–299 [ISBN: 9780367203641]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2021) “On the Ethical Foundation of Proprietary Rights: COVID-19, PublicHealth, and the Limits of Patents in the European Context,” in Dolores Utrilla and Anjum Shabbier (eds.) EU Law in Times of Pandemic: The EU’s Legal Response to Covid-19, Madrid: EU Law Live Press, pp. 233–240 [ISBN: 978-84-123589-0-2]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2020) “It Spreads Like a Virus, Works Like a Virus, But Ain’t No Disease: Graffiti Diaspora at the Time of Pandemics,” in No Apologies 2, Rome: WholeTrain Press: pp. 3–7
  • Baldini, Andrea (2019) “Copyright Skepticism and Street Art: A Contrasting Opinion,” in Enrico Bonadio (ed.), The Cambridge Handbook of Copyright in Street Art and Graffiti, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 315–331 [ISBN: 9781108482332]
  • Baldini, Andrea (2017) “Dangerous Liaisons: Graffiti in da Museum,” in Pietro Rivasi and Andrea Baldini, Un(Authorized)//Commissioned, Rome: WholeTrain Press [ISBN: 9788897640059]
  • Baldini, Andrea; Pietrucci, Pamela (2017) “Knitting a Community Back Together: Spontaneous Public Art as Citizenship Engagement in Post-Earthquake L’Aquila,” in Laura Iannelli and Pierluigi Musarò (eds.), Performative Citizenship: Public Art, Urban Design, and Political Participation, Milano: Mimesis International, pp. 115–132 [ISBN: 978-88-6977-034-0] - translated into Italian as “Ricucire una comunità: Arte pubblica spontanea come impegno civico nell’Aquila post-terremoto,” in Street art tra estetica e legge (Pisa: ETS, forthcoming)
  • Baldini, Andrea (2016) “Muri addomesticati? Street art, musei e ribellione” [Street art, museums and rebellion], in Christian Omodeo (ed.), Street Art. Banksy & Co., Bologna: Bononia University Press, pp. 107–114 [ISBN: 88-6923-131-3]
  • Baldini, Andrea, Borghini, Andrea (2010) “When a Soccer Club Becomes a Mirror,” in Ted Richards (ed.), Soccer & Philosophy: Beautiful Thoughts on the Beautiful Game, Chicago: Open Court Edition, pp. 302–316 [ISBN: 978-0812696769]

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