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Dr. Amit Kumar Jain

Assistant Professor & Assistant Dean - Research

Alliance School of Business

Dr Amit Kumar Jain is an Assistant Professor in Industrial Asset and Operations Management at the Alliance School of Business. Before this, largely he worked at the University of Cambridge, UK, for his Postdoctoral Research in Industrial Asset Management. He received a PhD from the Indian Institute of Technology Indore for his contributions to Prognostics. He holds a master’s degree in Maintenance Engineering from NIT Bhopal and a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is presently researching data-centric and risk-informed asset management. He focuses on how asset information and artificial intelligence can considerably improve asset performance. Through research and consulting projects, he actively engages with the industry viz. British Telecommunications, UK. His primary research interests are operations research, mechanisms for explaining decisions, reliability, Industry 4.0 for SMEs, business intelligence and data analytics. Most of his research contributions in these areas are developing novel mathematical/analytical models capturing real-life situations to draw meaningful managerial insights.

Dr Jain has over 20 papers published in reputed academic journals and conferences, besides two books. Many of these papers appeared in leading industrial and operations management journals such as Reliability Engineering and Systems Safety, IEEE Transactions on Reliability, and the Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing.

If you are interested in his research, please read through the following key research publications:

  • Jain, A.K., & Lad, B.K., (2020), “Prognosticating RULs while Exploiting the Future Characteristics of Operating Profiles.” Reliability Engineering & System Safety, Elsevier, Vol. 202, [Impact Factor: 5.04]
  • Jain, A.K., & Lad, B.K., (2019), “A novel integrated tool condition monitoring system.” Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, Springer, 30:1423, doi: 10.1007/s10845-017-1334-2. [Impact Factor: 4.311]
  • Jain, A.K., & Lad, B.K., (2017), “Dynamic optimisation of process quality control and maintenance planning.” IEEE Transactions on Reliability, IEEE, vol. 66, no. 2, pp. 502-517, doi: 10.1109/TR.2017.2684709. [Impact Factor: 3.177]
  • Hernandez, M.P., McFarlane, D., Parlikad, A.K., Herrera, M., & Jain, A.K. (2021), “Relaxing platform dependencies in agent-based control systems.” IEEE Access, IEEE, vol. 9, pp. 30511-30527, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2021.3059273. ISSN: 2169-3536, [Impact Factor: 3.745]
  • Jain, A.K., Dhada, M., Hernandez, M.P., Herrera, M., & Parlikad, A.K., (2021), “A comprehensive framework from real-time prognostics to maintenance decisions.”, IET Collaborative Intelligent Manufacturing, IET, pp. 1-8,
  • Click here for a dynamic list of his publications on Google Scholar.

Awards and Grants:

  • Best Paper Award, 11th Int. Conf. on Precision, Meso, Micro & Nano Engineering, IIT Indore, India, 2019.
  • Visiting Researcher Grant, University of Cambridge, Royal Academy of Engineering London, 2018.
  • Teaching Assistant Fellowship, Ministry of Human Resource Development India, 2011-2018.

Editorial Board

  • Series Editor - Materials, Devices, and Circuits: Design and Reliability, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group.
  • Guest Associate Editor - Special Issue on Life Cycle Engineering in the Era of Industry 4.0, Frontiers in Manufacturing Technology, (2021 - Present)
  • Review Editor - Life Cycle Engineering speciality section of Frontiers in Manufacturing Technology, (2021 - Present)

Professional Contributions

  • Invited Talk: 2018 - Institute of Manufacturing, DIAL Seminars, University of Cambridge, UK.
  • Short Term Courses Taught: 2018 - Reliability Engineering & Asset Management, Global Initiative of Academic Networks, IIT Indore, India
  • Workshop Taught: 2021 - Lecture title: “Data-centric and Risk-informed Asset Management”, Workshop on Futuristic Techniques in Maintenance and Manufacturing Systems organised by NIT Bhopal, India

Faculty Development Program (FDP) Taught:

  • June 2021 – Title: “Machining System Maintenance in the Era of Smart Manufacturing”, 5-day FDP on Advanced Manufacturing Technology; sponsored & organised by Karpagam College of Engineering, India.
  • June 2021 – Title: “3D Printer Maintenance: Challenges and Opportunities”, 5-day FDP on 3D Printing and Design for Academicians and Entrepreneurs; sponsored by AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy; organised by SR University, India.

Session Chaired: May 2021 - International Conference in Technology Innovation on Mechanical Engineering, Springer, SISTec, Bhopal, India (2 sessions)

Membership: Prognostics and Health Management Society (Life member since 2013)