Dr. Amit Bhaskar

Associate Professor

Alliance School of Law

Dr. Amit Bhaskar holds a Ph.D. from National Law University, New Delhi, and Master’s in Law from National Law School, Bangalore. Prior to pursuing Ph.D., he enrolled himself as an Advocate under Delhi Bar Council and gained advocacy experience of around four years during which time he appeared in various courts and gained enriching litigation experience. Dr. Bhaskar is a lifetime member of Indian Society of Criminology, Chennai and Indian Society of Victimology, Chennai. He also attended and completed an International Short-Term Course titled as 13th Asian Post Graduate Course on Victimology and Victim Assistance Jointly Organized by The Tokiwa International Victimology Institute (Japan), World Society of Victimology, Mito Japan and National Law University, New Delhi. 

Dr. Bhaskar has published many research papers in reputed journals. One of his research papers titled “Shell Company” has been cited by Assam High Court in 2019 in a case ‘Assam Tea Company Limited vs. Union of India’ which was on the question of definition of Shell Company. His areas of academic interest are Criminal Law, Corporate Criminal Liability, Access to Justice to the Victims of Crime, Corporate Insolvency.

  • “Analyzing Section 130 of the Companies Act, 2013 in the light of the Supreme Court Judgment in Hari Sankaran v Union of India” published in Company Law Journal (ISSN Number-0010-4019) in Volume (2021) 2 Comp LJ.
  • “Changes in Legal Regime of Auditors under Companies Act, 2013.” Published in Company Law Journal; (2018) 4 CLJ (ISSN 0010-4019) (This Article has been indexed as useful Article for the members by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) (UGC CARE  LIST) 
  • “National Financial Reporting Authority: A Tool for Disciplining the Auditors.” Published in Company Law Journal (ISSN 2018(3) Comp LJ0010-4019) (This Article has been indexed as useful Article for the members by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) (UGC CARE LIST)
  • “Shell Company Menace”; Published in Corporate Professional Today (Taxmann’s Publishing House) (This Paper   was cited by Gauhati High Court in a case titled as Assam Co India Limited v. Union of India (WP (C) 2572/2018 (Volume 42 Issue 6) ISSN Number 09759948 (UGC Listed Journal at the time of Publication).  
  • “Disgorgement in Indian Financial Market- A Critical Study”; Published in Corporate Law Advisor, January 2013 Issue ([2013] 112 CLA (Mag.) 32). ISSN Number-0970-8987. (UGC Listed Journal at the time of Publication).  
  • "Participatory Notes and India's Fight against Money Laundering"; Published in Company Law Journal?(ISSN Number- 0010-4019); (UGC CARE LIST).  
  • “Decoding Section 29 A (c) of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 in the light of Supreme Court Judgments in ArcelorMittal and Swiss Ribbons”; Published in Company Law Journal, August 2019 Issue)?(ISSN Number- 0010-4019); (UGC CARE LIST).
  • “Human Trafficking Law in India: An Overview” Published in Social Action (Issue ISSN Number 0037-7627) (This Paper was selected for reference by Jharkhand Legal Service Authority (JHALSA), Ranch Jharkhand in the year 2015 for its Workshop on Human Trafficking for its participants. Only 5 articles from all over India including the Article by Honourable Former Chief Justice of India P. Sathashivam was selected for the said Workshop on Human Trafficking (UGC CARE LIST).
  • "Private Placement in India under Companies Act, 2013"; Published in Corporate Professional Today (Taxmann’s Publishing House) (ISSN Number 0975-9948) (Volume 44, Issue 13) March 30, 2019-5 April 2019. (UGC Listed Journal at the time of Publication).? 
  • "Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code: Applicability of Moratorium to Personal Guarantor”; Published in Corporate Professional Today (ISSN Number 0975-9948) (Volume 45, Issue 4) May 25, 2019- May 31, 2019. (UGC Listed Journal at the time of Publication). 
  • Compulsory Licensing Regime in Indian Pharmaceutical Sector: A Study; Published in Bharati Law Review Volume 1 –Issue 4, April-June 2013. ISSN Number-2278-6996. (Quarterly Referred Journal) (UGC Listed Journal at the time of Publication). 
  • Analysing Indian Criminal Justice Administration from the Victim’s Perspectives; Published in Bharati Law Review Volume II Issue 2 (October-Dec 2013). ISSN Number- 2278-6996. (Quarterly Referred Journal) (UGC Listed Journal at the time of Publication). 
  • Prospects of Electoral Reforms in India: Published in Indian Journal of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies; June-December 2013 Issue. ISSN Number: 0022-0043.

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