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The Academic Council is the highest academic body of the University and is responsible for the maintenance of standards of instruction, education and examination within the University. It has the right to advise the various Academic Schools on all academic matters.

Functions of Academic Council

  • To consider matters of academic interest either on its own initiative or at the instance of the Board of Management or these proposed by the departments / faculties and to take proper action thereon
  • To exercise general supervision over the academic work of the institution deemed to be university and to give direction regarding methods of instruction, evaluation, and improvements in academic standards
  • To promote research within the institution deemed to be university, acquire reports on such researches from time to time
  • To prescribe courses of study leading to degrees and diplomas of the institution deemed to be university
  • To make arrangements for the conduct of examinations in conformity with the By-Laws; (vi) To appoint examiners, moderators, tabulators and such other personnel for different examinations and maintain examination standards
  • To recognize diplomas and degrees of universities and other Institutions and to determine equivalence with the diplomas and degrees of the institutions deemed to be university