2024 February

Alliance University Enters the ‘Digital Institutional Index and Smart Campus Rankings’ by Global University Rankings, London

Digital Institutional Index and Smart Campus Rankings

Alliance University enters the 'Digital Institutional Index and Smart Campus Rankings' by Global University Rankings, London. This ranking signifies our university's commitment to prioritizing digital transformation and implementing smart campus solutions.

Digital Institutional Index Smart Campus Rankings

The DIISC Rankings emphasize the excellence of institutions in creating innovative and technology-driven smart campuses. The 'Digital Institutional Index Smart Campus Rankings' by GU Rankings evaluates institutions categorically based on their digital and technological advancements and ranks them using the Smart Campus Score.

The assessment encompasses various aspects, including blended learning, ERP solutions, digitization of course-level and program-level outcome assessments, digital infrastructure, computing facilities, smart classrooms, smart infrastructure, digital services, environmental sustainability, innovation hubs and incubators, and smart campus governance.

Alliance University’s Vision

Alliance University aims to create a space where digital transformation and smart campus solutions are combined to create an evolving environment for students. The curriculum, outcomes, graduates, learning engagement, faculty, collaboration and partnerships, report and monitoring, research, and innovation output are examples of our commitment to digital innovation.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our faculty, staff, and students for their contribution to this achievement as we strive ahead on this path of excellence.