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Bachelor of Science (Honours) - B. Sc. (Hons.) - Chemistry


The programme stands at the forefront of scientific progress, offering a comprehensive exploration of key disciplines such as organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, biochemistry, environmental chemistry, nanotechnology, and polymer chemistry. Crafted meticulously, the curriculum ensures a profound understanding of fundamental principles, and through cutting-edge analytical tools and synthetic organic chemistry techniques, graduates acquire a versatile skill set essential for success in diverse chemical industries.

Beyond theoretical knowledge, emphasis on practical, applied learning empowers graduates to navigate the complexities of the ever-evolving field. This educational environment, guided by expert faculty, fosters a culture of curiosity and intellectual growth. The programme is not just about disseminating information; it's about cultivating contributors to the ongoing advancement of chemistry, shaping individuals who possess both deep appreciation and the skills needed for diverse career pathways.

The programme is a transformative journey where students evolve into integral forces shaping the future of chemical sciences. Armed with a deep appreciation for the profound role of chemistry in shaping the world, graduates emerge as pioneers in the field. From research and development to industrial applications, the program envisions graduates making impactful contributions across diverse sectors. This vision aligns with our commitment to excellence, positioning graduates as invaluable contributors to the dynamic and evolving landscape of chemical sciences.


Four Years / Eight Semesters

Commence of the course

Course Duration

Four Years

Mode of Study


10+2 from recognized Board / Council with minimum 50% aggregate marks with Physics or Mathematics or Chemistry as a compulsory subject.

A relaxation of 5% marks or its equivalent grade may be allowed for those belonging to SC / ST.

Key Features

Theoretical knowledge acquisition in various branches of chemistry.

Hands-on methods for quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Training in handling analytical equipment.

Enhancement of analytical and problem-solving skills.

Collaboration with students, faculty, researchers, and industry professionals.

Experiential learning through hands-on laboratory work.

Involvement in cutting-edge research for critical thinking and analytical skills.

Industry collaborations and internships for real-world applications.

Personalized mentorship for academic and personal growth.

Programme Structure

Career Opportunities

B. Sc. in Chemistry opens diverse career paths in various industries. Graduates can pursue roles such as Analytical Chemists, Research Assistants, and Lab Technicians, contributing to scientific research and experimentation. Opportunities exist in Quality Control and Assurance, where individuals ensure the adherence of products to industry standards. Chemical Technicians work in manufacturing settings, assisting in the production of chemicals. Environmental Consultants focus on analyzing and mitigating the impact of chemicals on the environment. Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives engage in promoting and selling pharmaceutical products. Additionally, a B.Sc. in Chemistry provides a foundation for further education, leading to careers in academia or advanced research. The degree's versatility allows graduates to explore roles in healthcare, manufacturing, research, and various scientific fields.

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