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Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Economics


The BA in Economics trains one in a truly transdisciplinary approach to understanding social systems. It stands out in its emphasis on gathering and analyzing data both with and without mathematical models, essentially orienting students in the art of economic research from the very beginning of the programme.

Students will gain proficiency in the latest software tools and statistical techniques that enlarge their skills and make them employable for high-quality technical professions far beyond the scope of typical economics graduates. At the same time, students will critically be asking new questions in the true spirit of economics, for economics is the most dynamic social science that constantly engages with the ever-evolving complexities of social systems like international trade, the market, or the corporation. Significantly, the exposure to philosophy, political science, and sociology will complement number-crunching skills with competence in argument, articulation, and interpretation.

Running an economics club, undertaking field trips for data collection, editing economics magazines, organizing mock budget sessions are just some of the avenues of experiential learning that await students. With various specializations ranging from development economics to game theory, students are fully prepared to contribute to public policy, climate planning, financial consultancy, and market research and assume leadership positions in each.

Course Duration

Three years (Six semesters)

Commence of the course

Course Duration

Mode of Study


50% or its equivalent score in Grade 12.

Key Features

  • Have an inside track to Global Leaders’ Alliance Fellowship
  • Take classes with Oxbridge/Ivy League faculty
  • Hands on experience in data analysis with statistical software
  • Practice economic policy formulation and research paper writing
  • Run an economics club and magazine

Course Structure

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