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यशप्राप्तिः अस्ति नियतिः or yashapraaptih asti niyatih is an old Sanskrit shloka which means “Being successful is destined”. At Alliance University, imparting sustainable knowledge to a generation of learners is by far the most important aspect of our vision. Ones that is done our graduates are destined to grow and succeed in different spheres of life.

A very large part of their success lies in their professional achievements soon after the program they pursue. Alliance University is committed to bring several opportunities from leading enterprises in different functions such as marketing, finance, human resources, technology, accounting, engineering, legal services, operations, consulting, etc.

With a large corporate network, Alliance University ensures that the it brings in a variety of opportunities for varied associations with enterprises to students on campus and even alumni. Year-on-year, there has been substantial improvement in the number of companies that visit the campus for their hiring needs.

The past decade has seen massive changes in global economies; functioning of enterprises; hiring trends; start-up ecosystem; technology-enablement in businesses; and also campus placements. Alliance University has kept up to these changing landscapes in ensuring that its graduates match up the industry requirements.

Placements is pivotal to a student’s lifecycle on campus, annually more than 350 enterprises hire students from various programs of Alliance University. With close to 6000 opportunities in varied functions, Alliance University provides a very wide gamut of career choices for students.

Enterprises in technology, consulting, banking, financial services, automotive, telecom, media, advertising, FMCG, consumer durables, infrastructure, hospitality, education, retail, pharma, e-commerce, and many more top the charts in terms of the kind of industry cohorts that visit the campus for placements.

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