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International Programs

Of the numerous opportunities available at alliance university, International Programs are among the most exciting and career enhancing.

Learning and understanding new cultures, improving foreign language skills, studying a discipline with an international perspective, and seeking out new challenges are significant elements of a study abroad experience. International Programs are often the first stepping stone towards global awareness and there are many tailor-made options for students to choose from. International Programs at Alliance University give students a distinct and definitive advantage, going forward.

Short-term International Programs offer students a multitude of opportunities for personal and intellectual growth. It has been observed that students who have spent between two weeks to a full semester studying in another country report a greater understanding and appreciation of other cultures and customs, a heightened awareness of their country's identity and place on the world stage and a better idea of what is required to be a "global citizen."

Semester Exchange Program

Alliance University’s Semester Exchange Programs enables students to study abroad for a semester while simultaneously hosting a student from a partner university. These programs provide students with the opportunity to complete a semester or a term of their academic programs in an international partner university. As a result of immersion in a foreign academic, cultural and business environment, students maximize learning to operate effectively in a global setting.

Under the Semester Exchange Program, students attend one of the partner institutions of Alliance University for an academic semester. Through the exchange program, students experience a global environment, a different culture and a diverse learning approach. The Semester Exchange Program is demanding as well as rewarding. While many of the exchanges focus on particular academic areas, others also offer a broader curriculum that allows a student to complete coursework that is not available through other avenues. These options present an exciting opportunity for students to pursue a more independent style of learning and cultural engagement. English is the language of instruction for all exchange programs.

International Summer School

Summer programs are a popular study abroad option among student groups who seek an intensive learning experience in an international setting. In the three to four weeks that these students spend in a foreign country, they go on to make a new set of friends, see new places, visit business organizations, learn a few phrases in a foreign language while at the same time acquire knowledge that is specific to their domains. The curriculum is designed to allow students to learn, experience and explore foreign cultures, thereby making their visits truly enriching.

Long-term International Programs can extend from a minimum of one year to a maximum of two years of study at one of the partner universities of Alliance University. These long-term International Programs are intensive and also allow for internships to students in reputed companies. Such internship opportunities afford the students the best possible exposure to the global corporate sector. Recruiters around the world seek student graduates who come to them with varied academic exposure.

Long-term International Programs at Alliance University work as pathways for students to receive a dual degree or an exclusive degree (Credit Transfer Program) from any of its institutional partners abroad.

Dual Degree Programs *

In today’s global labor market, graduates with two degrees from two countries are one step ahead of the competition. At Alliance University, students have the opportunity to pursue a Dual Degree Program in conjunction with some of its top partner universities. Through the Dual Degree Program, students experience the best of both worlds, and benefit from the two degrees simultaneously.

Credit Transfer Program

Upon joining an undergraduate or postgraduate course of study at Alliance University, students who wish to pursue an international degree can opt to seek that degree from any one of Alliance University’s prestigious international partner institutions. Students are required to complete a minimum period of study at Alliance University—at least one academic semester and, upon meeting the stipulated academic requirement, the Office of International Affairs, Alliance University, shall initiate the transfer of credits of the student towards the degree at the partner university. The rest of the Program is undertaken at that partner university and, upon successful completion, the student graduates with a degree awarded by the chosen partner institution. Along with the international degree, the experience of thinking critically and creatively about the most defining issues in global enterprise and the development of personal leadership abilities to effectively manage complex work-place environments, are skills highly valued by potential employers.

* Reference is made to the ‘Promotion and Maintenance of Standards of Academic Collaboration between lndian and Foreign Educational lnstitutions Regulations, 2016’ notified by the UGC on 13th July, 2016. The procedures for approvals are underway.