Dr. Giovanni Maria Merola


Alliance School of Applied Mathematics

Dr. Giovanni Maria Merola holds a Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Waterloo, Canada and has experience in academia, government, and private research. He completed his Masters in Mathematics (Statistics) from the same university and his Bachelors with double majors in Statistics and Economics from University “La Sapienza”, Rome. He also holds a Tertiary Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning from RMIT, Australia.

Dr. Merola teaches subjects such as Business Statistics, Quantitative Analysis, Regression Analysis, Introduction to Probability and Statistics, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistical Inference, and Statistical Distribution Theory. Dr. Merola has authored several papers in varied areas, from quality control to multivariate dimensional reduction methods to data analysis. He values the interplay between theory, data analysis, computation and graphical techniques. He is a keen programmer in R and C++ and is familiar with several other languages and packages. He enjoys teaching and takes great satisfaction in knowing that he helped students learn.