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Prof. Yashaswini R

Assistant Professor

Alliance College of Engineering and Design

Prof. Yashaswini R. completed her Bachelor of Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological Universityin Electronics and Communication. She holds dual master's degree in 'Embedded System and Instrumentation' and 'Embedded and Control Instrumentation' from Manipal University, India and École supérieure d'ingénieurs en génie électrique (ESIGELEC), France.

She has worked at National Aerospace Laboratories as a Project Engineer.. She worked on the project "Design & Development of Electrical Wiring Health Management System for Aircrafts (IVHM)" where the main aim was to develop a health management system for aircrafts which would be capable of identifying intermittent faults like short, open or wire chamfer occurring on the live and dead wires, also this system must be capable of detecting the likely course of degradation of existing cable.

She has done the internship at AIRBUS Defense and Space, Friedrichshafen, Germany for six months where she worked on the Earth-Observation Satellite projects. Her work was to create and optimize the software interfaces for the data exchange between a database and various disciplines of space technology, extension of functionalities for use and process optimization, software development and testing for technical application and database systems, implementation of new functionalities for a VBA interface of a database and performance improvements of VBA functions.

She has participated in the various workshops conducted by National Instrumentation and AWR/RF Microwave. Her research interests are in the area of Digital Signal Processing.


  • "Optimization and Implementation of Software Interfaces and Functions of a Harness Database" in 2016, at Airbus Defense and Space, Friedrichshafen, Germany.
  • "An Embedded Automotive Monitoring Device".
  • "Vision Based Autonomous Road Following for Wheeled Outdoor Robot". "Design & Development of Electrical Wiring Health Management System for Aircrafts (IVHM)" in 2013, at National Aerospace Laboratories.
  • "Generation and Storage of a Unique Barcode ID for Patient Identity", at Manipal University

Papers Presented:

  • "Particular Filtering and Localization" at ESIGELEC, France.
  • "Low Voltage Comparator for High Speed ADC" at Manipal University.
  • "Fuzzy Image Processing" in 8th ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education) National Level Technical Symposium.