Dr. Vivekanand Jagannath Sajjan

Assistant Professor

Department of Language & Literature

Dr. Vivekanand Sajjan is an Assistant Professor in Kannada Language & Literature. He holds a Ph.D. (Kannada) from Central University of Karnataka, Kalaburagi on the topic ‘Kannada Basava Kathanagalu: Toulanika Adhyayana’. He has completed his Master of Arts in Kannada with First Rank and Gold Medal and was awarded the Junior Research Fellowship.

Dr. Sajjan specializes in the areas of ancient and medieval Kannada literature including Vachana Literature. His scholarly articles have been published in various reputed journals such as Aruhu Kuruhu, International Journal of Kannada Research and Tuluva. He has presented his research papers at various national and international conferences. He has published two books namely ‘Vachana Vaividhya’ and ‘Kannada Ramayanagalalli Ravana’.


  • Sajjan Vivekanand - ‘Vachana Vaividhya’ (2018) Baraha publishing house, Bengaluru ISBN -938182144-5 
  • Sajjan Vivekanand – ‘Kannada Ramayanagalalli Ravana’(2019)   Siddalingeshwar Book Depot and Publishers Kalaburagi, ISBN -978-93-87775-60-2

Journal Articles

  • Ramachandra Charitha Puranada Mele Anekantavadada Prabhava’ published in International Journal of Kannada Research, (Vol.03, Issue-02) (Jan-June 2017 Edition). ISSN 2454-5813
  • Kannada Kavigala Roopantara Pragney’ published in Rachana Bi Annual, Bi Lingual International Journal, (Vol.02, Issue 02) (Jan-June 2017 Edition) ISSN 2395-0994
  • ‘Stree Ananyateya Sakaara Roopi Akkamahadevi’ published in Aruhu Kuruhu UGC Approved Journal,March 2018. ISSN 2347-5048
  • ‘Vachana Sahityadalli Prajaprabhutvada Ayamagalu’ Published by St. Joseph College of Commerce Bengaluru. (Seminar compendium), March 2018 ISBN 978-81-924180-9-4
  • ‘Dr.B.T Lalitha Nayakara Nele Bele Kadambariyalli Mahila Samvedane mattu Sangharshada Nelegalu’ published in Kavimarga journal, June 2018, ISSN 2395-0978
  • ‘Vachana Sahitya Mattu Tatva Samvedaneya Nelegalu’ published in Tuluva Quarterly, June 2018, ISSN :2347-3452
  • Vachana Sahityadalli Desiyate’ published in Sharana Marga Quarterly, March 2021, Vol 06, Issue 09 ISSN: 2455-1546

  • Received Cash Prize from Kannada Book Authority Govt. of Karnataka for the publication of my first book titled ‘Vachana Vaividhya’ in the scheme of financial aid for young writers on Jan 24,2019.
  • Qualified in CBSE-UGC NET and awarded Junior Research Fellowship in Dec 2014 from University Grants Commission.
  • “Lekhika Book Award” 2020-21 in the field of Research for the work      titled     ‘Kannada Ramayanagalalli Ravana’
  • Rendered Service under National Service Scheme -Regular activities during years 2008-09 and 2009-10 and also attended the Special N.S.S Camp held at Maratur Kalaburagi and my performance is graded as ‘A’
  • Received “Best Student of Arts faculty” Award for Academic year 2012-13 from NV Degree College Kalaburagi.
  • Received “Best Library User -Research Scholar” Award from Central Library, Central University of Karnataka Kalaburagi in 2016.

Conference Papers
  • Sajjan Vivekanand -“Ramachandra charitha Puranada Mele Anekantavadada Prabava”, at National Seminar jointly organised by Sirigannada Sahitya Vedike Dharwad, Dist Kannada Sahitya Parishad and Dept. of Kannada and Culture Dharwad, 24 - 25 Dec, 2016
  • Sajjan Vivekanand - “Kannada Kavigala Roopantara Pragney”, at UGC Sponsered National Seminar the Art of Translation and Creativity at Dravidian University  Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh.16-17 Feb 2017
  • Sajjan Vivekanand - “Stree Ananyateya Sakara Roopi Akka Mahadevi” at Multidesciplinary International Seminar on “Status of women in India” by Deccan Studies and Historical Research Association Bijapur, 26th Feb 2017
  • Sajjan Vivekanand - “Dr.B.T Lalitha Nayakara Nele Bele Kadambariyalli Mahila Samvedane mattu Sangharshada Nelegalu” at International Seminar on Feminism in contemporary Hindi, Kannada and English Literature at Sri Gavisiddeshwar Degree College Koppal ,19 March 2017.
  • Sajjan Vivekanand - ‘Vachanagalalli Devara Kalpane’ at National Seminar “Multidesciplinary thought of Kannada Literature” at Kannada Bhavan Kalaburagi, organised by Sahitya Giri Cultural Podium Yadagiri, 28 oct 2013.
  • Sajjan Vivekanand -   ‘Vachana   Sahityadalli Prajaprabhutvada Ayamagalu’ at National Seminar on Democracy, Educaion and Nationalist Discourses at ST Joseph’s college of Commerce Bengaluru, Dec 04,2017
  • Sajjan Vivekanand - ‘Vachana Sahitya Mattu Tatva Samvedaneya Nelegalu’ at National Seminar organised at Gulbarga University on 7 - 9  Dec 2017.
  • Sajjan Vivekanand -‘Vachana  Sahityadalli Dambhikateya Vidambaneya Nelegalu’ at National Seminar organised by Shree Jagadguru Renukacharya Science, Arts & Commerce College Bangalore, 27 - 28 March 2018.
  • Sajjan Vivekanand -‘Shri Ramayanadarshanam and Ramachandra charitha purana’  seminar held on the occasion of Rashtrakavi Kuvempu Jayanthi at Central University of Karnataka, 16 Jan 2019
  • Sajjan Vivekanand -‘Vachana Sahityadalli Desiyate’ in the International Seminar on Indigenous Languages and Translation Studies jointly organised by Jain Deemed to be University Bengaluru, Stony Brooke University USA and K S Narasimhaswamy Trust, Govt of Karnataka, 03rd Aug 2019.
Invited Lecture
  • Given a Special Lecture on Basava Kathanagalu: Toulanika Hagu Srujanashila Notagalu at Sankalpa P.U College of Science Basavakalyan organised by Jayadevi Tayi Ligade Pratishthan Basavakalyan on 8th Oct 2017.
  • Delivered a Crictical talk on Play “Nija Sharana” written by Dr.S.M Hiremath in by-weekly Book Review Programme organised by Siddalingeshwar Book Depot and Publishers on April 10, 2021.