Dr. Shamik Chakravarty

Assistant Professor

Alliance School of Liberal Arts

Dr. Shamik Chakravarty has a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Lingnan University, Hong Kong on the topic “Fictional Characters and Their Discontents: Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics of Fictional Entities”. He was awarded the Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) Award by the Research Grants Council, Hong Kong. He has a Master's Degree in Philosophy from Delhi University, a Master's in Linguistics and Bachelor's Degree in English from Calcutta University.

Key research interests of Dr. Chakravarty include naturalizing metaphysics through cognitive science, using debunking arguments to subvert and modify metaphysical views. He is also looking at evolutionary debunking arguments against moral realism and deontology. His research interests are broadly in analytic metaphysics (especially modality, metaphysics of fictional entities and the metaphysics of the self), philosophy of language, philosophy of fiction and philosophy of mind.