1. This Society may be called the Alliance University Legal Services Clinic (AULSC).
    1. To establish Legal Services Clinics to familiarize the country’s law students with the problems faced by the people who are unaware of their laws and remedies.
    2. To attain the ideals of “Social Economics and Political Justice” as enshrined in the Constitution of India in the backdrop of poverty and inequality, by reaching out to the marginalized and the vulnerable communities through the collegiate Legal Services Clinic.
    3. Spreading consciousness among the students and the public through conscious workshops, conferences, discussions, legal therapy, poster making, street plays, etc.
    4. To expose students to community services.
    5. Introducing the students to the various socio – economic barriers to access to justice.
    6. To provide students with a voice to empower groups or individuals that are Socially and Economically backward.
    1. The Legal Services Clinic shall organise camps for bringing legal awareness.
      1. Depending on the needs of the people of any locality, the Head / Chair of the Society, and its members associated with, may set up off campus Legal Services Clinics on permanent or temporary basis.
        1. Endeavour would be to conduct at the Legal Services Clinic to provide a people friendly atmosphere.
          1. Legal Services Clinic will have faculty member who possesses special skills and interest in clinical legal education for the guidance and supervision of students.
            1. Client counselling and follow up assistance to special reference to marginalized communities.
            2. Organising various workshops and seminars of the legal system like lawyers, students, NGOs, and government agencies.
            3. To carry out field surveys.
            4. To organise poster exhibitions, street plays, etc. on various socio-legal issues, especially in the rural areas.
            5. Adopting village or slum areas for legal services activities.
            6. Guiding parties to the local Legal Services Institution for litigation-related legal assistance at the Court or at the ADR Society.
            7. The Society shall provide in their annual budget for a specific sum of money as a grant to the Legal Services Clinic for the purposes of legal aid activities.
            8. The Head of the Society shall furnish a utilisation certificate signed by him at the end of every financial year for the funds received from the District Legal Services Authority.
            9. The Head of the Society shall maintain proper and audited accounts of the funds received and spent in respect of the Legal Services Clinic.
            10. The District Legal Services Authority shall have the powers to inspect the accounts related to the functioning of the Society’s Legal Services Clinic.
            11. Every Legal Services Clinic shall maintain records of including the attendance of the students, as required under Regulation 20 of the National Legal Services Authority (Legal Aid Clinics) Regulations, 2011.

            Advisory Member:

            Prof. (Dr.) Kiran D. Gardner
            Prof. (Dr.) Bhoomanna Reddy

            Faculty In-charge of the Clinic:

            Prof. Shreshth Bhatnagar

            Members of the Clinic:

            Dr. Upankar Chutia
            Dr. Devaiah N G
            Dr. Rashmi K S
            Dr. Smita Satapathy
            Prof. Abhilash Arun Sapre
            Prof. Gyanashree Dutta
            Prof. Mahantesh G S
            Prof. Mamtha R
            Prof. Neha Purohit
            Prof. Apoorva Tomar
            Dr. Prakash Kanive
            Dr. Puja Paul Srivastava
            Prof. Vishal Ranaware
            Prof. Shubhi Trivedi
            Prof. Ritika Behl.
            Prof. Abhishek Sarma
            Extension/ Outreach Activities


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