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Education space; What was there? What has changed? How is academia keeping up with the changes?
August 2021

Education space; What was there? What has changed? How is academia keeping up with the changes?

ETV Now - held a discussion on “Education space; What was there? What has changed? How is academia keeping up with the changes?”, under the show “Leaders of Tomorrow”, one of India’s largest platforms for entrepreneurs. The show brings India’s prominent expert voices to foster entrepreneurship.

The session on changing landscapes of education brought Abhay Chebbi – Pro-Chancellor, Alliance University; Shashank Shwet - Founder & CEO, ImagineXP and Abhishek Gupta – Founder, INACE & High School Moms to engage on a topic that has become the most important facet of sustainability in education sector now.

The show began with horrifying statistics of 1.5 billion students pulling out of schools in 188 countries due to the outbreak of COVID-19. A stark reminder on how fragile the education system is in the face of an unprecedented natural crisis. With institutions shifting to only virtual learning interfaces, the rising challenges in delivery of education grow exponentially by the day.

Mr. Abhay Chebbi shared his views and addressed these issues with evolving aspects of teaching learning processes and the opportunities in utilizing the virtual space for the growth of constructs and mental models using technology.

To whether the storms of disruptions and finding a common ground to equity in education, Mr. Abhay stressed on the importance of hybrid models to suffice the argument stating that the hybrid model of learning is here to stay, and we are on a path to course-correction in terms of recalibration of teaching methodology.

Mr. Abhay Chebbi, Pro-Chancellor, Alliance University

With technology, students are enabled to share ideas seamlessly compounding their higher order cognitive skills in the process. He also admitted that the focus has shifted on content, pedagogy, easier and objective evaluation of student and learning outcomes.

Mr. Shashank Shwet and Mr. Abhishek Gupta spoke about virtual learning environment that bring Availability, Accessibility, and Accelerated learning. The collaborations between instructors and learners through tools such a popping quizzes, breakout sessions furthering the paradigm shift from brick model of learning to click model of learning.

The show hosted expert voices to understand and address the rising challenges in education sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of learning loss for the students and how universities, schools and EdTech’s are looking at new business models to navigate through the uncertainties of the pandemic.

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