Alliance Journal of Intellectual Property Law (AJIPL)

About the Centre

Alliance Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (ACIPR) is a centre established by Alliance School of Law, Alliance University, for the purpose of making active contributions in development, promotion & effective protection of IP rights. ACIPR has taken this initiative to encourage young minds to pursue creativity and innovation by promoting creation of quality literary works and by providing its readers with more information about the future of IPR, its importance, relevance, and application.

About the Journal

The 'Alliance Journal of Intellectual Property Law (AJIPL)' is a flagship initiative from Alliance Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (ACIPR), Alliance School of Law, Alliance University, Bengaluru. It is a double-blind peer-reviewed intra-collegiate journal which provides open access to scholars, learners, practitioners, judges and practicing attorneys and academicians by facilitating the growth of collective interests in the intellectual property domain. It aims to publish quality research papers which have much literary and practical relevance and application.

The journal also intends to provide a voice for the legal fraternity seeking to express their views on the contemporary legal framework and acts as a catalyst for exploring their passions in emerging matters in the field of Intellectual Property and Technology. AJIPL also aims to create a platform for healthy debates and become the paragon constructive forum that incites discussion on Intellectual Property and Technology Laws. This journal would provide content and insight into all aspects of Intellectual Property and serve as a legal platform which promotes research culture by contributing quality content and reporting noteworthy findings.

The authors will be encouraged to explore various Contemporary issues relating to Intellectual Property law and Technology law. The journal shall aim to provide a holistic view of the possibilities in Intellectual Property law and Technology law and accept papers which have top-notch and up-to-date information to benefit its readers.

Call for Papers

The Journal Committee of AJIPL, Alliance Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (ACIPR), Alliance School of Law, Alliance University, Bengaluru hereby invites original and unpublished submissions in the form of research papers on any contemporary IP arenas for publication in the Alliance Journal of Intellectual Property Law (AJIPL). The Journal is a peer-reviewed publication from the School of Law, Alliance University. The journal would accept submissions on IP and Technology law and related areas.

The AJIPL is now accepting submissions for its next edition. The journal committee will also accept submissions on a rolling basis which may be considered for subsequent editions of the journal.

Submission Guidelines

  • The paper shall be of 5000 to 6000 words. This word limit is only applicable to the body of the article. The Editorial Board reserves the right to make changes to the conditions and guidelines mentioned herein.
  • The maximum co-authorship for a paper is limited to two
  • The font style of the text must be times new roman with size 12 for the body of the text and size 10 for the footnotes. Font size for the main headings shall be 14, and 12 for subheadings
  • All the headings shall be typed in bold capital letters. Line spacing for the body shall be 1.5, and 1.0 for footnotes
  • The method of Citation shall be Bluebook 20th edition
  • Authors are encouraged to submit plagiarism-free research papers, however, plagiarism should not exceed 5-10%
  • All submissions should be in MS Word format only.
  • All manuscripts shall include an 'Introduction', 'Conclusion' and 'Suggestions'
  • Use of first-person shall be avoided
  • All pages shall be numbered
  • The manuscript should be accompanied by an abstract of about 300 words, along with 5 Keywords
  • All the papers should be submitted with a cover page with the following information: Name, Institutional Affiliation, Correspondence Address, E-Mail ID and Phone Number.
  • Alliance Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (ACIPR), Alliance School of Law, Alliance University, Bengaluru shall be the sole copyright owner of all the published materials
  • Papers should be submitted along with a duly signed declaration in the prescribed format (Click Here)
  • All contributions should be submitted to the Email of ACIPR - acipr@alliance.edu.in


All submissions would undergo a rigorous research-based scrutiny by academicians or specialists in the related areas and under the supervision of Editor-in-Chief / Editors. It would be a blind, double peer review, based on well-chart out criteria approved by the Editorial Board of the research journal.

Chief Patron

Mr. Abhay G. Chebbi

Alliance University, Bengaluru


Dr. Anubha Singh

Alliance University, Bengaluru


Prof. (Dr.) Kiran D. Gardner

Professor & Dean, Alliance School of Law
Alliance University, Bengaluru

Advisory Board

Prof. (Dr.) Dilip Ukey

Maharashtra National Law University (MNLU)

Prof. (Dr.) Tarun Arora

Dean, School of Legal Studies
Central University of Punjab

Dr. Sheetal Vhora

Managing Partner and Founder
Vhora and Vhora Law Firm
Gurgaon, Haryana

Mr. Bharadwaj Jaishankar

Partner, Indus Law

Ms. Bindu Sharma

Founder & CEO
Origin IP Solutions LLP, Bengaluru

Peer-Review Board

Dr. Sreenivasa Murthy M. R.

Associate Professor
National University of Study and Research in Law

Dr. Sivananda Kumar K

Associate Professor,
School of Law
Christ University, Bengaluru

Dr. Kalpeshkumar L Gupta

Associate Professor
School of Law
Parul University, Vadodara

Dr. Aruna K

Associate Professor
ICFAI Law School
ICFAI University, Hyderabad

Dr. Md. Umar Khan

Assistant Professor
School of Law
Bennett University, Greater Noida

Dr. Ankit Aswathi

Assistant Professor
Hidayatullah National Law University

Editorial Board

Dr. Upankar Chutia

Assistant Professor
Alliance School of Law
Alliance University, Bengaluru

Prof. Yamini Chandra Prabha

Assistant Professor
Alliance School of Law
Alliance University, Bengaluru

Prof. S Chakravarthy Naik

Assistant Professor
Alliance School of Law
Alliance University, Bengaluru

Prof. Abhishek Sarma

Assistant Professor
Alliance School of Law
Alliance University, Bengaluru

Prof. Shubhi Trivedi

Assistant Professor
Alliance School of Law
Alliance University, Bengaluru

Publication Policy

  • Authors to submit final versions of their blog/article in MS Word format.
  • Alliance University levies no charges for the publication of manuscripts if selected for publication by the editorial board after the peer review
  • All authors much declare that they have read and agreed to full contents of the publication and ethical guidelines and take responsibility of any research misconduct or inappropriate statement of comment in the contents of the submission
  • All the submissions should be original, neither previously published nor in consideration for any other publication
  • The Editorial Board will follow the peer review policy for sorting, judging and selecting the submissions for publication
  • The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject any article found unsuitable for publication. An article may also be rejected if the Board deems that it might harm the political or religious sensitivity of interested readers in any manner
  • The Editorial Board reserves the right to disqualify entries on account of plagiarism. The submissions should not infringe the copyright or any other right of a third party, if so, the journal disclaims any responsibility for copyright violation or any other liability whatsoever
  • By submitting their work, the authors grant to AJIPL an exclusive right to publish and reproduce their work in all media. Such right is to be given with the view of observing the doctrine of fair use under Intellectual Property Rights
  • Authors shall be responsible for reporting standards, originality of contents and plagiarism, acknowledgement of sources and notification of fundamental errors in published works
  • The Editorial Board will consider the authorship and designation mentioned in the cover letter during submission as final and correct, unless otherwise intimated by the author/s. It shall be the responsibility of the Author to intimate the Editorial Board regarding any change in designation during the period in which the paper is being processed. No changes will be entertained after publication



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Chikkahagade Cross, Chandapura - Anekal Main Road,
Anekal, Bengaluru – 562 106, Karnataka, India.

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