Alliance University Scholastic Aptitude Test

AUSAT, the Alliance University Scholastic Aptitude Test, is not just an exam, it's an opportunity. An opportunity to unlock your full potential, to soar to new heights, to achieve greatness and to be recognized for your academic excellence.

It is a test that measures not just your knowledge but also your determination, your willpower, and your drive to succeed. AUSAT scholarships are not just financial aid, they are a symbol of recognition for your hard work, a validation of your potential, and an invitation to be part of an elite community of ambitious and forward-thinking individuals.

With AUSAT, you have the chance to take the first step towards a brighter future, to discover your passion, and to empower yourself to reach for the stars. AUSAT is an opportunity to transcend the boundaries of what you believe is possible and to become the best version of yourself.


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AUSAT Percentile Scholarship Award No. of Scholarships
90 and above 50,000 Top 10 Students Per Program 
80 to 89.9 25,000 Top 10 Students Per Program 
Scholarships apply to all undergraduate programmes 
Applicant must have secured 60% and above in Class X and XII. 
Scholarship will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis and for the first year of study only.
The scholarship is subject to the approval from the Scholarship Committee.
Applicant can apply and appear for the test only once.
Student can avail any one scholarship during the course of study at Alliance University.


AUSAT Scholarships for
BBA, B. Com., B.A. LL. B. (Hons.), B.B.A. LL. B. (Hons.),  and B. Tech.
Alliance Entrance Test
(AUSAT Percentile)
(X and XII Percentage)
Tuition Fee
Waiver Percentage
90% & above80% & above25%
80% & above75% & above15%
70% & above70% & above10%
AUSAT Scholarships for BA, B. Des., BFA, B. Sc. and BVA
Alliance Entrance Test
(AUSAT Percentile)
(X and XII Percentage)
Tuition Fee
Waiver Percentage
90% & above75% & above50%
85% & above75% & above35%
70% & above75% & above25%
AUSAT Freeships
Alliance Entrance Test
(AUSAT Percentile)
(X and XII Percentage)
One Time
Freeship Amount
90% & above60% & aboveRs. 50,000
80 to 89.99%Rs. 25,000
  • AUSAT freeships will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis and for the first year of study only.
  • The freeships are subject to the approval of the Scholarship Committee.
  • Applicant can apply and appear for the test only once in a year.


All students currently enrolled in their 12th grade or equivalent educational level are eligible to apply for AUSAT Scholarships and take the first step towards their dream future.


Financial Support: AUSAT scholarships provide significant financial assistance to students to cover their tuition fees and other expenses, allowing them to focus on their studies without worrying about financial constraints.

Access to World-Class Education: Alliance University is known for its high-quality education and state-of-the-art facilities. AUSAT scholarships provide students with access to the university's resources and opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Networking Opportunities: Alliance University has a strong network of alumni and industry contacts, which provides AUSAT scholarship recipients with opportunities to connect with professionals in their field of interest and gain valuable industry experience.

Access to Extra-Curricular Activities: Alliance University offers a wide range of extracurricular activities and clubs, and AUSAT scholarship recipients are encouraged to participate and develop leadership, teamwork, and other soft skills.

Recognition and Prestige: AUSAT scholarships are highly competitive and awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional academic and personal achievements. Being a scholarship recipient from Alliance University is a great achievement and a recognition of the student's abilities and potential.


Get ready to showcase your skills and abilities, as the Scholastic Aptitude Test will last for a thrilling 90 minutes. Solve the 100 multiple-choice questions and test your knowledge and comprehension.

English Language: This section tests a student's proficiency in the English language, including grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure. It is designed to assess a student's ability to communicate effectively and understand written and spoken English.

Language Comprehension: This section tests a student's ability to understand written and spoken language, including the ability to comprehend and analyze written material, and to identify main ideas and important details.

Numerical Ability and Data Interpretation: This section tests a student's ability to solve mathematical problems and interpret data. This includes a range of topics, such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis.

General Awareness and Current Affairs: This section tests a student's knowledge of current events, world history, geography, and general information. It assesses a student's ability to stay informed about the world and to understand the events that shape our society.

Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability: This section tests a student's ability to think critically, analyse information, and solve problems. This includes topics such as deduction, induction, reasoning, and analogies.

Marking Scheme: 

Your efforts will be rewarded with the following marking scheme:

  • 1 mark will be awarded for each correct answer.

Total Marks: The stakes are high, with 100 marks up for grabs.

The Scholastic Aptitude Test is designed to be a rigorous assessment of yourabilities and knowledge. By gauging your aptitude for higher education, it provides a comprehensive evaluation of your potential for success. So, bring your A-game and show the world what you're made of!


Alliance University is a Private University established in Karnataka State by Act No.34 of year 2010 and is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi.

Alliance reimagines the idea of the university by creating a community that leads the charge against the complex challenges of the 21st century. The university conceives research to be the essence of all teaching and learning practices. A unity between research and teaching is promoted to extend the frontiers of knowledge in order to solve real world problems at the local, national, and global scale. For this purpose, the university seeks to be the nerve centre of interaction between the industry, the government, the civil society, and the community at large.

In times when technological and social change is transforming the very idea of employability, the university embraces the increasing diversity of specializations while retaining the impulse to unify all knowledge.

A designed convergence of the business, engineering, law, and liberal arts units’ precipitates transdisciplinarity as the core academic philosophy.

Freely working across divergent streams of knowledge like psychology and data science, technology and law, physics and philosophy or businesses and rhetoric, transdisciplinarity nurtures a dynamic foundation for the spirit of collaboration, inquiry, and enterprise.

25+ Years of Legacy in Transformative Education

  • 30,000+ alumni across the globe
  • 600+ top MNCs as recruiting partners
  • 250+ global faculty with diverse experiences
  • 75+ international linkages with universities across 50 countries
  • 60+ acres of green campus with world-class infrastructure


Alliance University, Central Campus, Chikkahagade Cross, Chandapura - Anekal Main Road, Bengaluru. Get Route Map