Dr. Marco I. Bonelli


Alliance School of Business

Dr. Marco I. Bonelli holds a Ph.D. from Alliant International University, San Diego CA in Strategic Management, an MBA from United States International University in Finance, and an undergraduate degree from University of Venice "Ca' Foscari".

Dr. Bonelli has worked across the globe with universities and institutions in Uzbekistan, China, Sidney, Singapore, Dubai, Oman, to name a few. Since his Ph.D., Dr. Bonelli had an intensive career teaching several different courses, in several countries and considers himself a practitioner/professional borrowed from academia. Most of his learnings are from his long and successful career on Wall Street. He enjoys mentoring students and  trying to channel them on the right path to succeed in their professional lives.

Dr. Bonelli has visited more than 150 countries in the world, loves sports, and is a big fan of Italian football, and has practiced competitively several sports including, swimming, alpine skiing, cycling, triathlon etc.