Extension/ Outreach Activities


A Study to determine the level of awareness of Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act-2013 [POSH Law].

legal aid camp

Another group of students studied the implementation of laws preventing sexual harassment of women at workplace in the informal sectors. The students identified a group of people and set up a legal aid camp in the campus of Alliance University. The turnout was impressive. Of the people that attended the camp, 41 (63.08%) were female and 24 (36.92%) were men who knew someone who have been a victim of sexual harassment.

Most of the attendees were not aware of any such law, few low-paid employees working in the formal sectors informed that the law on prevention of sexual harassment has not even been implemented in their companies. A survey was circulated among the group of people attending the camp, and through information accessed through these surveys it appears that the primary reason men indulge in sexual harassment activities is because there is an assumption that they will not be punished (53.13%), secondly because men think it is fun (42.19%), thirdly because of cultural dominance of men over women (29.69%).

It was also interesting to find that 59 people (90.77%) of the audience said that it would be easier to take initiative to prevent sexual harassment, if they believed that people around them would help and support them, if they raised their voice.

Our students educated the group on laws preventing sexual harassment and informed the group about their rights and liberties. The students also informed them about the free legal aid scheme that is available for people who cannot afford to bring cases before the court.

This was an initiative by the students to bring awareness about Sexual Harassment at workplace.