Extension/ Outreach Activities


A Study of The Rights of Indigent Persons in Bangalore High Court.

Socio-legal research

The primary goal of Constitutional mandate under Article 39-A of Part-IV of the Directive Principles of State Policy is to alleviate individuals who fail to exercise their rights through use of law and the legal system of the country. Keeping in mind, the requirement and necessity of providing legal aid to the indigent, a group of students from Alliance School of Law, Alliance University visited the High Court of Bengaluru to assist the legal aid lawyers in providing free legal aid and to make an empirical assessment into implementation of the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987.

It was found that there are 119 advocates in the legal aid panel. Upon any request from an indigent person for filing a case, the court takes care of the court’s fees and cost, and the advocate receives remuneration to a tune of 1500 Rs. The criterion for giving legal service is seen considering Section 12 of the Act of 1987. A person is entitled to legal service, if they meet the requirements of the said provision.

This project was taken with the aim to acquaint student with the procedure for Government Legal Aid Scheme, so that they can guide the indigent and assist them in getting legal aid.